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  • Chuffed!

    posted by Magik79

    Great product and the quality is not bad at all. Sturdy construction with good connectors and decent wire used.
    It would be handy if there were more tech details on the connectors - I bought spring clips to go with this and they have 2 different connector types. This has banana connectors on both ends, while the spring clips have a thread for the end of a probe. But I was able to mod things and get it to work.
    Happy - good product for a decent price.
  • works well, after fixing.

    posted by Bonejj

    nice size wire, probably 20-22 gauge, well insulated. great length for being able to put the unit and power supply where every you want them to be at.
    I got these to use with my LED controllers, it seems to be the standard connector for most of those types of devices.
    works but could be better for the price charged. Seems like they should only cost 2 bucks.
  • Solid quality probes, nice and sharp, good contact.

    posted by Mendelt

    Nice quality probes. They feel solid enough. Nice sharp tips for probing small contacts or scratching through oxidation. The cables are long enough and pretty flexible.
    If you have a cheap or mid range multimeter you're probably better of using these probes than the factory supplied ones
    As a hobby user I use these as my main multimeter probes. They're a lot better than the ones that came with my multimeter.
  • Great test leads for this price!

    posted by Mrgadget7

    Good probes. My the cable on one of my old probes broke. These ones have a stress reduction plastic on the end so that won't happen fast with these. If I hold the two probes together my Fluke 113 measures about 0.1 Ohm resistance through the leads. My cheap meter measures 0.4 Ohms.
    They do fit on the probe holders at the back of my Fluke (with some force). Although not advertised they come with protective caps for the connectors.
    Great test leads for the price!
  • I was hoping for more, but it's still good

    posted by Neowizard

    - What you see is what you get. No funny business.- Good size cord- Good connectors (easy to insert/remove and not loose)- Can be disassembled to cord, connector, clips. Each part can be fixed if torn/broken or used in another context.
    - The two cords come glued together (or something like that). - The GND (black) cord has a black strip on it to identify.
    I'm not sure I'd get them if I was shopping for alligator clip leads at the moment, but they're so cheep, I might have.

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