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cable rj45 Customers Reviews

  • nice tool

    posted by bitflusher

    -it works just fine
    -little case to protect it
    -fast and slow testing speed
    i have used it on a bunch of cables and it gave me enough information. on two occations it notified me i mixed up A and B while punching, so i essentially made a crosscable connection.
    i was a little confused about the leds not being equally bright. initially i thought i made a mistake. after testing it with another cable i noticed the same led being a little more dimm then the rest.
    pretty good tool for it's money.
  • Indespensable

    posted by friedpope

    Built well and works great with sku:2689It looks like they might come in a few different colors now as well. sku:152922 and sku:144911 Not sure of the quality on those
    These are usually used to protect the tang or tab on top of the RJ45 connector. They don't serve much of a purpose beyond that.
    These are indispensable when making cables that will run in bundles, under desks, around corners, etc. I don't know how many times I've pulled a cable just a little too hard and broken off the tang
  • Cheap gadget works well

    posted by noneal

    * Very easy to use* small size and very light* easy to read LEDs* performs 1 function - testing the network cable.* comes apart for testing in multiple rooms
    * much better than spending over $25 for something local when i just wanted the 1 function
    * Great price for a very useful item. * Useful for testing network punchdowns after office renovation - showed mistakes and errors in contractors wiring.
  • It works. But NOT Gigabit capable

    posted by danchen

    - Decent build quality
    - Compact for 2metres worth of cable
    - the flimsy catch of the RJ45 head is protected when cable is retracted
    - It works
    Not sure whether I'm just unlucky to get a piece that's slightly off. Maybe I should RMA ?
    Disappointed at that its not gigabit.
    DX, please correct the specs stated on the page.
  • a wire

    posted by marceliux

    My friend told be about this item and said i could use it for xbox live so i bought it because my router cable broke.It works Great my live doesnt lagg like it did with my router cable.I recomend this to everyone who wants Xbox live
    Great constructon, Great delv and price from dealextreme.com. Other stores wanted up to $30.00 for the same wire. WHY? Whay pay the inflated price when dealextreme.com does it better, quicker and cheaper!?
    Other stores wanted up to $30.00 for the same wire.


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