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  • Perfect replacement

    posted by Uzzi

    The cable fits perfectly into the PSP Go.I didn't find it anywere else at a lower price.Looks as good as the original part.Packaging was perfect to protect the delicate item.
    You must be familiar with PSP Go disassembling (and reassembling too!!) before you think to buy this.It is also necessary to be sure about the problem because the PSP Go has also frequent issues to the LCD Screen.Unfortunately my PSP Go has LCD problems too so this was not enough to fix it.
    Great product!
  • Cheap and very good

    posted by mclpl

    It's a good, replacement Laser Lens Ribbon Cable for Playstation2 slim 9000x. It comes with a part, where you can glue it to the place in your console, so it doesn't slip. It's very good, plus bulk price is very cheap, you can always sell not used ones, with profit![PL] Dobry zamiennik tasmy lasera dla PS2 Slim. Posiada czesc, która mozna przykleic do konsoli, dzieki czemu sie nie slizga. I jest tansza w dziesieciopaku.
    It comes with one packaging, but it's not the problem, really.
    Buy it, you can save more for later, or sell it with much profit! It's good replacement.
  • SOLDERFREE connector, easy to replace

    posted by Minja

    Its just a regular flex cable with usb mounted on it.Super easy to replace.
    Bought it for a Galaxy note N7000 and i was surprised how easy it was to replace it. Just unscrew the back cover and replace the connector.Plug it in and voila, it works. The phone charges again and usb storage works like a charm.Luckily its one of those phones which spareparts are easy and you don't need to solder anything
    A+ product. If your usb charger is broken then buy this and replace it. The repair shops wanted 100 dollars to fix it and i only spent 12.40
  • Good backup battery

    posted by Pasha1st

    Good price
    Cable included is good and usefull
    In description declared 1600 mAh, I've got battery marked as 1800hAh. But the real capasity is much less. With original battery my HTC Sensation can works ~60 hours with idle usage, this battery provides only 40 hours. So it is good as backup battery, not main.
    Cable micro-usb is good and usefull.
    Good backup battery for such price, I keep it charged so if main battery is discharged I can it easily replace. It is good to buy also SKU #101708 as it has battery charger.
  • product works great

    posted by nooganator

    works 100% if you are looking for a replacement volume switch on your iphone
    not bad for price. location of installation was a time vampire. remember to keep the plastic parts from the original volume switch
    this product great replacement for a volume switch replacement. you need to have some skill to remove the old switch and the plastic bits off it. also make sure the mute rocker is in the on position during disassembly or else it will not lock when you re assemble the phone

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