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  • Ecxellent product!!

    posted by aayarza

    Works perfectly on Nikon D5100 and Nikon D7000,easy to plug and use, very light to carry on, it have a led that indicates when your camera focus (green) and a lock to large exposures (red). also it is well constructed on hard plastic and came with a box.
    Very useful whe you take macro, night or low light pictures mounting your camera on a tripod. When you combine it to mirror up and VR disabling techniques, it reduces cosiderably the camera shaking that generates when you push the camera built in shutter button.
    Great gatget, great Price. I can say it is even better tan the original Nikon due to the led indicators.
  • Usefull and excellent produtc

    posted by etkubr

    Lightweight and quite sturdy. The lock works perfect and allows for some extreme exposure photography! Very easy to use!
    I found this remote shutter extremely convenient for lightning photography. Works perfectly with Canon T2i (550d)No need for battery is also a benefit.Great gadget for night shots and long exposure, or if you have lens without stabilization.
    If you need an easy cable remote shutter this is what you need to buy.
  • Nice shutter release cable

    posted by lajoswinkler

    The cable is very flexible and well made. It has a useful lock for long exposures and the part with the screw can be turned around, facilitating the removal and fixing of the cable to the camera. It won't memorize the shape it was rolled inside the package.
    1m is just the right length that enables long exposure autoportraits.
    It's a great tool for a great price and I recommend it.
  • Aputure

    posted by marianko2

    equipped with four-pin cable release socket. Allows remote shutter release, and is very useful for preventing camera shake during exposure
    remote cord. Connects to the accessory for Nikon SLR cameras and allows the shutter without direct contact with the camera body. Use this trigger to eliminate the risk of camera shake when shooting with a tripod and to activate long exposures (B).
    Meets all the criteria for which it is intended.Pei comparison prices Remote Switch bezkonkurencna.Možem it only recommended every
  • Good product for good price

    posted by xmeda

    Cheap, long cable, works as expected
    I would be happy to be able to get smaller remote with separated AF and shutter buttons. Also materials used for construction could be tougher - like aluminium alloy. Of course price will be higher then, thats clear.
    I've created one small cable remote three years ago with three switches (AF, Shutter and lockable button for Bulb), but it got damaged after years of use and now with dealextreme its easier and almost as cheap to buy this product instead of making another myself :)

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