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You can easily find the latest low priced cable pin male offered at our online shop. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. 10 pin cable or 2 pin cable may offer more options for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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cable pin male Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by MvB1986

    Really good and solid product. Couldn't find a difference with the original cable. Price is a bit high comparing to the 4S cable in my opinion but the quality is good so no problem for me.
    There is not really much more to tell about a standard cable.
    Good product!
  • Nice splitter

    posted by jacksen

    - Spilts into two pwm cables!
    - I only got a 4 channel fan controller, so i bought 4 of those and put on, and voila i had an 8 channel fan controller
    - Realy usefull if you got more fans then you got spots in like a fan controller
    - I realy got use of this, and i am still using it today, no problems at all, and it looks well made, only thing i can find with it is that the cables should have been "sleeved" so it improves airflow, and also looks nice, but not realy a con
    - Realy usefull object!
  • Good for OBD2 cars

    posted by Smoothbimer

    Connectors are correct, quality is good, ease of use, eliminates the discomforts of crawling under the driver's footwell to connect a code reader.
    This is to be used in OBD2 vehicles, it connects an OBD2 reader to the BMW connector under the hood. It makes an easier connection instead of the OBD2 connector located under the dashboard, as there is no need to crawl under the footwell to connect the reader.
    This connector will not read the codes of pre-1996 OBD1 BMW's. These vehicles are equipped with an inboard code reader that activates by pressing the gas pedal all the way down 5 times within 5 seconds. Google "stomp test" for details.
  • Very good connectors

    posted by prOOwner89

    Basicly the same as with the review of the female connectors:-good quality-nicely built-easy to solder cables-nice color- connection from cable to connector is very good (not only connected by solder points but also by plastic surrounding).
    i used this in my car and because of vibrations the male and female connectors would let go of eachother, if you use this in your house or something you wouldn't have any problem with it
    get it if you are looking to make your led strips plug and play
  • Great cable!

    posted by ecvychas

    I was looking for another cord to connect PC and TV at my mothers place.Works perfectly, picture quality is awesome! The desighn is done well it doen not look cheap at all. Besides it's goldpalted what improves the signal, It has goldpated connectors also. Sturdy design.
    Very good item for it's price! Would recommend!
    Recommend this cable as it provides very good quality. If you want t o connect PC to TV and get the best clear picture - this cable is agood choice.Connected my PC to 42 incg tv and it worked like a charm.

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