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  • Great buy

    posted by sjukfan

    There's certainly a lack of short usb cables around. If you look in any normal store they're at least 70cm long but it's not always you need that when that hard drive is sitting on the desk just next to the computer. If you check ebay you'll find people selling short cables similar to these at insanely high prices.
    I've used this for the external drive on a computer for 168 days now without any problems at all. Also, the clear blue look makes it really stylish :-)
    Buy it. connect your hard drives in style.
  • Good earphone but volume does not work on iphone

    posted by cdai8

    - relatively nice build, noodle wiring construction feels strong- sound is not bad for $7 earphone- mic sounds good on phone conversation
    Good earphone except very disappointed that volume does not work for iphone. I have been trying to buy one from DX without much success.
  • Good quality patch cable

    posted by bigurbi2

    - good build quality- reliable connectors- good fit to RJ45 connectors
    Shorter cables would be really nice. For patch panels a 1m connector is way too long so I am wondering why there are no 25cm / 50cm patch cables available. Would be great if dealextreme put shorter cables to their shop because price and quality is quite attractive
  • works absolutely fine

    posted by electronicas

    - cheap (haven't found them cheaper elsewhere)
    - ROHS symbol (and from looking inside it really looks like it really is ROHS!!!
    - good build quality
    - easy to crack open (i opened mine to swap the BNC by a chinch plug
    - you can clamp in the TP cables very easy and they stick very firmly
    i tested them with 94 meter TP cable and had no loss in video quality, so BUY it if you need them
    i personally used one of the cheap cameras from here which come with a chinc connector so this is why i chose these balun transformers, since you can easily desolder the BNC cable with plug and solder a chinc cable on it.
  • nice one DX!!!

    posted by dudek85

    What can i say 10 meters of network-kabel for this price is such a nice deal, and the fact that it works fine and has a VERY good build quality makes it better. The kabel is also very flexible and thin to. Just by feeling this kabel i can distinguish this kabel from aal the others ones i have
    by one f you don't have a wireless network and your router is far away from your pc
    goog networkkabel and the most importent thing is also the good price of this item

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