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cable orange Customers Reviews

  • Professional quality pliers

    posted by 13557

    I ordered these for my job and I can guaranteed they are suitable for professionally demanding tasks. I have used them multiple times and they are still sharp as a knife. Love these durable and easy to maintain. Multiple ready made holes for a bunch of different AWG wire sizes.
    Good grip on holding the pliers they have multiple ridges for a nice hold.
    These pliers cut efficiently and don't need to apply much force on them to cut the wire or peel of the insulating plastic. Will order more in future very happy.
  • Amazing sound for a great price!

    posted by niethenk

    - Great sound at low, mid and high tones- Cheap- Comfortable and good overall quality- Free spare 'cushions' (or however they're called...)- Works on every device
    I don't think you can get better earphones for this price. I ordered another pair right after i got the first one.
    A great pair of earphones with good sound quality for a great price!

    posted by desolder

    My birds chewed through my older thin wire micro USB cable so I figured I needed to step up to something more robust. This one looked like it used a thicker cable, so I ordered it. Sure enough, it's a nice thick cable. Hopefully my birds won't chew through it so quickly.The cable itself charges and transfers data without any problems. No complaints there.The grips are... uhh.. grippy. And the strain reliefs are bending, unlike some other cheezy cables here on DX with SOLID (?!?!?) strain reliefs.It's orange. Orange is easy to pick out among a nest of black wires. Orange gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
    It's only 105mm. That's a bit shorter than I would have liked. But I can't complain since that's exactly what was advertised. I've now ordered a 150mm cable with similar thick construction.
    Cheap price for a good, thick cable. Now my birds can attack it and I don't have to sweat over it.

    posted by zareek

    Very cheap. I ordered this cord to take advantage of using the usb port in my tv to charge, but be able to use it at the same time without being stuck right in front of the tv. It is very very cheap and very very bright so you dont trip over the length.
    i like the flat design as it allows flexibility in placing it on the floor or along a wall.
    probably i wouldnt purchase it again as its so slow. good idea though. The best use of this would probably be for overnight charging, when youre leaving it alone for a a long period of time but want it to have enough reach for you to pick it right up in the morning.
  • Great product

    posted by adjkjaksld

    easy to use,great quality,nice looking,solid,no audio lose
    maybe it could be longer,but it's not a problem.price is a little bit expensive but when you think quality it can be ignore easily.
    shipment was fast,package was perfect.i've using it for 1 month and it has still good condition.definetly i recomend it.you can use skype and other voip programs with earphone under favour of that tiny cable.it's look simple but now when i'm talking with my girlfriend i'm not looking ridiculous with big headphone also i can hear myself so i'm not talking loud,i can talk with my iphone's earphone more simple and looks better

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