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  • Works with Verizon Galaxy S3 - mostly

    posted by echughesiv

    This is the second MHL adapter I've tried with my Verizon Galaxy S3 and it does technically work.
    I was curious about video output from my smartphone (Verizon Galaxy S3). While it does work, it is far from ideal. I was hoping that it could offer the potential for a highly portable work-device. Just plug into a monitor and add a bluetooth keyboard/mouse. My issues could be due to my aftermarket firmware, but I haven't looked into it that deeply.
    I can say that with a Verizon Galaxy S3, video is output from the device to a monitor/tv. The quality might not be what you expect, though.
  • Also works with other devices

    posted by chestwood96

    It works with all android devices I tested (Well a Galaxy s2 and an s4) and both worked fine.It can be powered from the usb port on my tv.The Length is sufficient for most applications I guess, its allmost too long.
    Samsung is charging about 60$ for pretty much the same thing in swizerland just because its "Genuine"
    Its a working MHL cable, not a lot more to say about that. It can be usefull if you want to quicky show of photos or stuff. You could even use your phone as a media-center wit XBMC.
  • good cable for viewing from your S2 on HDTV

    posted by borkelsnorkel

    Works out of the box but you have to use your charger as power supply.Shows full screen even if the phone has a window viewCan be used to vieuw streaming content on yout eide screen HDTV.
    U can not use it without the charger .It is nice to watch your made videos as soon as you come home from a trip so the whole family can watch with you on the sova.
    Good product. It works fine. And the price is good .It dont drain the battery of the phone so you can watch a long movie.
  • Great!

    posted by Hermanator

    *Great picture quality*Small and full sized HDMI*Supported by all MHL phones*Sound works (sometimes)
    It would be good to notice that it does not upscale the picture. If your android phones screen resolution is 720p, the output pictures resolution will be the same. If your tv doesn't support upscaling, it can be a pain in the a** because just a "little" part, the middle of the screen, will be used :/
    It does the job great, and for that kind of price it's great! Recommended
  • A great buy

    posted by rogermilton

    Good product quality. It shows a strong material, especially male to mini HDMI. It has a proper length, at least for the job I need.Its 1.5 mts. long enough for the tasksThe connections are covered by a plastic that protects them during shipping.At this time I see a movie in my LCD TV via my tablet, which I've been using the HDMI cable, and has no problem.
    Would you purchase this product without a doubt, and recommend it to my friends
    Good product and quality

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