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cable ide sata Customers Reviews

  • Good for occasional SATA/IDE usage

    posted by bardy

    Straightforward. Simply connect the drive to the power supply and to the PC.
    USB 2.0 means high speed connection, and the price is good.
    It would have been nice if it had been possible to get power from an additional USB port and not from the mains. This would have eliminated the need of a separate power socket (which is not always available).
    Nice product, and a good bargain for its price, if you need it for an occasional use. I wouldn't use it for a permanent connection, though.
  • Very Usefull Tool

    posted by carbafx

    The packaging is quite good. It came with a mini-CD with drivers. Easy to use and understand how it works.It was tested with Notebook HDD Sata and IDE.It works like a chamr when your computer crashes and you need to do a Backup of the drive.
    It is a good purchase for the right price.It tooks 23 days to arrive into Argentina.
    Nice tool for computer technicians, that need to perform backups from customers PC and notebooks.It works with SATA2, IDE 3.5", IDE (NB).For PC disk (3.5") the power needs to be used, for the NB disk, only with USB can work
  • Cheap way to rescue laptop HD

    posted by VulcanInNorth

    Very affordable to use with different hd's. I've mainly used this to backup and restore hard drives for laptops. You don't have to attach hd every time to a hd bay. This makes it easy to upgrade hd. One tool for all the hard drives.
    If you ever need a way to access hard drive without opening case or need an access to drive fast, this is very good for that.
  • acessórios muito úteis por um bom preço

    posted by lemos37

    My computer has not been entering and - sata. therefore I bought this adaptador that is easy of installing and using. I liked the quality of the cables that is accompanied by the adaptador.
    I bought them cable together with a dock station with e-sata. was very good. I begin the computer and the hd is recognized in the setup.
    today it is a very useful tool. avoid to have to open the computer to adapt hds. it connects the hd outside.
  • The best such adapter so far

    posted by monnier

    Works well, fast enough. Both hdparm and smartctl are able to talk to the drive through this adapter, so you can control spin-down time and drive temperature.
    When my 3.5" drive is not spinning, the power brick uses a bit more than 2W.
    As close to an esata connection as I have found (for those cases where esata is not an option).


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