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cable hdmi to hdmi v1.4

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cable hdmi to hdmi v1.4 Customers Reviews

  • Superb quality at reasonable price

    posted by triggerdealer

    Very good quality makes for a lasting durable product which will last a long long time even when in use under hot operating temperature. For example using it behind my plasma TV. It is a very simple process to plug in and out to replace my old cable. The process of swapping took less than a minute. Very pleasantly surprised by the superior build and material used on this unassuming looking piece of cable.
    handsome looking length of prime cable! My local hardware shop will not get my business anymore :P
    Use the DX bulk rate option for best bang-for-bucks!
  • More than I was hoping

    posted by Bhran

    It's a really long cable and works very well, picture quality is superb. It's very thick but it's easy to handle. The endpoints fits very well on my TV and doesn't clutter the other inputs.
    The cable comes wrapped in a ziplock bag that you can reuse, mine came rolled and strapped with plastic wiring but it seemed that it worn out during shipment, but the cable itself was fine.
    If you need to connect two HDMI devices very well apart of each other and within a somewhat straight line, this is your cable.
  • Hdmi cable

    posted by kire93

    cable of good quality, simple to install and liked the quality of the material that is produced.
    despite not see the price difference and the quality was a great buy, buy more of that if need be
    Alias ??the cable is relatively small, the size required here was not to get too apparent, but if you have a slightly more is better to buy a longer cord
  • Better than expected

    posted by dragomang87

    - really good build quality: strong spring mechanism, thick cable- came with plastic connector cover- because of the construction, the cables can't twist each other (like other small retractable cables)
    It's big, like the palm of a hand, and heavy.Can't really transport it in a pocket
    When i got it i understood why it was so expensive (for a cable) and i ended up being really satisfied of my purchase
  • Good cable, buy.

    posted by kookraap

    This is an excellent quality HDMI cable. It comes in a zip-lock bag and is supplied those little white plastic plug covers. I don't know why, though. I don't really know what to do with them other than throw them out.They are flat cables, which I found easy to route through the tangled mess I have.They are printed with "HDMI Cable with Ethernet" on them. I couldn't test the Ethernet part.I bought a batch of different colour cables so I can tell things apart in the massive mess that is my a/v setup -- this one is for my AppleTV.
    Buying different coloured HDMI cables makes your life easier. I recommend it to everyone.

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