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cable hdmi male to male 3m

Welcome to our cable hdmi male to male 3m online shop. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Browse the products from dvi male to hdmi female cable, or some other related Pages like 1.4 male to male hdmi cable. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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cable hdmi male to male 3m Customers Reviews

  • Good Quality and Price

    posted by BONGITO

    I bought this cable for direct connection to my Canon Ixus 240HS whit my TV. The price of the original cable for my camera reaches 30-40 USD. Although my TV supports HDMI version 1.3, this HDMI cable works perfectly with my device and the price is really surprising. Cable length is absolutely sufficient - Objectives 3 meters, and the build quality is good.
    Cable can be used for all compatible devices supporting direct HDMI connection, version 1.3 and version 1.4 - TV, Cameras, Games, and more
    cheap but quality product that works flawlessly
  • It works as expected

    posted by soypilas

    A cable HDMI male to male that works normally. No problems with connections. Good price. It is 3,00 meters lenght exactly. Flexible and good quality.
    Nowadays is essential having hdmi cable (mini, micro, male, etc) for all the devices, so with few dollars you can obtain one that works.
    Not an expert in electronics, but this hdmi cable works as it was expected. I need neither more nor less. I pay less than in stores and getting it home directly in few days
  • A very good HDMI cable

    posted by simon91

    There is nothing to say on the price, here they cost about 40USD for 1 meter, and that's a cheap one.As for quality, it is good, have not had any problems yet, it does what it's supposed to (gives me an image on my screen), and seems sturdy. There is nothing easier than using a cable, is there, and it is damned useful to have an image on your screen.Overall it's a product to buy at the moment if you're looking for a good HDMI cable (v1.4 is is the latest version as of the 15th of november 2012. However I don't thing this is a high speed one supporting 4K or 3D, but I haven't had a chance to test that, nor do I really care for those two features...).
    Get it if you need it?
    Get it
  • Excellent

    posted by jakobkn

    Very good product, full DVI pin support, bends well, and nice price considering its qualities and length.I have only used it to hook up a computer LCD and the performance is excellent.
    Nice coloring, feels good, HDMI to DVI is perfect for computer monitors.Why dx needs more than 500 characters on a review like this seems pointless to me. I listed the qualities and more text is pointless.
    Very good product, highly recommended.
  • Connect Pc to TV

    posted by pocheblaz

    Very easy to use. Just connect one end to the computer and the other to the TV and enjoy Pc at TV.
    No other thoughts.
    I wanted to connect my Pc to TV, in order to be able to see films and videos on my TV, which is 32'', so I could see the films and videos much better. I decided to buy the '1080P 3D HDMI V1.4 Male to Male Connection Cable' because of the length of the cable (3m) and the price was not expensive (less than 10$). The Ease of use is fantastic. Just conect both ends and that is, you can now view your Desktop on your TV. Recommended for connect PC and TV (if compatible of course)

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