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cable hdmi hdmi

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cable hdmi hdmi Customers Reviews

  • Outstanding Cable

    posted by Brenck

    This is just one cable that you can trust, I tried with about 7 devices and both worked like a charm. Truly 1.4 hdmi, will work with 1080p without any issues. I have watched movies with even higher resolution of 2k and it worked without any problems as well. Also 3D works to. Its shielded, with filter and gold plated, what can you ask more?
    They could make it all black without the translucent kind of plastic on it it would look cleaner, also since this cable is shielded its thicker then un shielded ones, the diameter of the cable is 7.5mm so if you have tight furniture set up and things like that just let you know so you can see if it will fit.
    If you are conserned about a cable that will work always and it is true 1.4hdmi dont look any further buy it this is it.
  • Fabulous

    posted by Zeke.Frazer

    Supports both audio and video on Dell U2410 24" 1920x1200 monitor using an Alienware M11xR1 Notebook as DisplayPort source. Picture quality is good with no artifacts or breakup. Two channel audio via U2410 monitor was clear with no distortion. Didn't test 6 channel.
    Using my Alienware M11xR1 and the Dell U2410, I tried to reverse the cable by connecting the DisplayPort end into the monitor and HDMI to the Notebook. This did NOT work. So in my environment this is a one way cable, meaning DisplayPort to HDMI.
    Does the job.
  • Cheap and excelent quality

    posted by krustbr

    CheapGood quality of soundGood quality of ImageGood product qualityNot too longEasy to fit through tiny holes
    It fits perfect for me, not too long but yet with good quality and hdmi 1.4I use with my Monitor/TV and gaming or watching full hd movies runs smooth with this cable
    The best costXquality product so far!If you're looking for a good hdmi for your movie , gaming, using with your computer i would fully recomend this cable, it works well with rigid spaces to work, and the quality of material will deal with the problems at tiny spaces
  • Good product, Great Price

    posted by rdelange

    A very good cable, used for over a year now. The cable never gave a problem. The price is very good, especially when compared with prices in local shops.
    At local shops they will sometimes try to convince you that a more expensive cable is better. At this length this is absolutely not true. The signal is digital. It either works or it doesn't.
    Please spend your money wisely and don't buy cables more expensive than this one. You will not need it.
  • Good Clean Look

    posted by xEDGEDKIDx

    This is the second one I have ordered.Makes a setup look neat and tidy.Helps hide unnecessary cabling if installed correctly.
    If they had made the connectors a little more sturdy it would be good. They should consider offering a wider range of colour options.
    For the price and the end result, if done correctly, you can't beat it.

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