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cable game Customers Reviews

  • Must have!

    posted by samoneko

    Great stuff! It is working exactly what it is made for! I have Windows 7 and I've tried it in many games and applications and it works perfectly. I also have PS3 game pad for PC but finally I could enjoy in my xbox wireless game pads on my laptop and PC, especially cause they are better for long playing. With this, you get some mini disc with all drivers and installation.
    Maybe they could have some holder for laptop screen (like web cameras) and maybe to have various product colors to choose (I only find black ones, but it could be silver, white, etc.)
    Great product, must have and every recommendation for buying!
  • Good mouse for gamers, with a good price

    posted by Gabrielcarioca

    It's a good mouse with good DPI. You can choose between 4 differents DPI, what gives you flexibility depending on what you are using this. The buttons have a good spring with good reaction time. Works in different surfaces without great differences in the performance
    It's a good mouse for gamers with a good price. If you can't afford a better mouse this is perfect. Just don't get mad playing and break the mouse :)
  • Great Genuine Mice

    posted by oiloil

    Its a genuine razer mice its real good actually i really like it it works and it worth it thas what im talking about,man you have to take gaming mice to the next level what you need its razer,ok you now what im saying this mice its pro ,its like one blue backlit mice so just buy it
    deal extreme should have the 2013 edition but thats ok they also should have the Naga 2014 wich its awesome well thats it
    buy it yup go ahead buy it tottally worth it buy it GO! BUY IT! YOUR NOT WASTING your money
  • Nice oldschool gamepad for smaller hands

    posted by hstehr

    - classic gamepad layout- works well on Linux without extra drivers- decent build quality (not quite as good as original video game controllers but also much less expensive)- ergonomic shape (for smaller Hands)- good cable length
    I use this gamepad to play old-school video games on my Raspberry Pi. It works well on Linux without extra drivers. The pad has the Super Nintendo key layout plus two extra trigger keys. The turbo and auto-fire functions work well but the keys are not forwarded to the PC (so can not be assigned to other functions).
    Great gamepad for those who prefer a less complex layout than the usual dual-shock models, especially if you have smaller hands.
  • Opinion desde España

    posted by Dwpepe

    Es llamativo para aquellos que les gustan las lucecitas, no es incomodo a la mano y tiene una buena resolución
    En principio y sin iluminacion el plastico transparente es rosa, no se si por equivocacion o no pero al iluminarse se ve rojo.
    Es un raton para uso general no puedo decir mucho más

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