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cable cutters Customers Reviews

  • Good tool to have

    posted by Inokez

    -> The build is OK-> You can exchange the blades-> It cuts, lol-> Can cut and strip both coaxial and ethernet cables, I use it most for coaxial, for stripping ethernet I think that sku 2687 is better.-> Looks kind of bad-ass with all of this blades and everything.-> Nice tool to have with your network/wiring tools.
    -> Looks kind of bad-ass with all of this blades and everything.-> Reminds me of Batman.
    Good to have in your network/wiring toolbox.Price is not bad.
  • Modded pencil sharpener?

    posted by llasher

    Simple design
    Different notches for various size cables
    It strips and cuts (just like my ex-wife: boom boom!)
    Kind of looks like pencil sharpener blades screwed into a simple plastic scissor action tool. They can probably be sharpened, although I haven't tried unscrewing them.
    After twenty years as chief editor of "Hardware Action" magazine and winner of the "Boney" prize for my article "The set square in the 21st century, a 90 degree rethink of the right angle paradigm", and I really can't think of much more to add about this ordinary, yet functional, tool.

    posted by rkrupp

    Nice cutter. A must have to everyone that needs to cut cooper wires up to 16mm² or galvanized steel wires up to 3,5 mm in diameter.Cuts incredibly easy.cutted well a MAG weld stick with ease.
    Not for steel cables above 3mm, I presume. Don't tried to cut one yet. No problem with steel wires and some sticks.I believe this is unable to cut nails without beyng damaged.
    A must have in every toolbox.
  • My choice of cable cutter

    posted by sergiogaspar

    Very cheap, sharp cutting edges, cuts straight on one side.For this price I have bought several of these, there is one in the garage, one in my lab, one in my tool case (for customer assistance)...The cutting edge stays sharp for a long time if you only cut thin rigid wires of single stranded wires up to at least 1sq mm.As it cuts straight on one side (as opposed to cutting at an angle) I can make precise cuts with it. This is the kind of cutter I prefer for cutting electronic components terminals and wires after soldering.
    As I said before, good to keep several spread around your home and workplace, as they are cheap to get you never need to remember where you left it, there is always one near you and if you lose it there is another nearby.
    Buy a few and be happy.
  • Excellent price

    posted by DrMiKEY

    Works exactly as promised, and much cheaper than the ones available in stores. Works with ethernet Cat5e and the telephone Cat3 style connectors.
    Works great with AMP RJ45 Network Crimp Plugs (sku.2675) that is available here for a great price.
    Worth the money to get this, its great, and very cheap! Go for it! You will not regret it, trust me.

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