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Check out the great cable core to see if there is any that suits you. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

cable core Customers Reviews

  • top notch wire

    posted by bull3333

    very good wire ,strong flexible and very easy to work with ,easy to solder and great for console modding,lots of wire on the role should last a very long time ,im very happy with it.
    cheap fast delivery ,fit for purpose buy some,some wires you buy are off color but this was a nice black ,i have used other colors of the same wire from dealxtreme and ive been happy with them also
    if you need 30awg wrapping wire look no further ,this is what you want buy some ,i order 3 to 5 a time its cheaper and dosnt hurt to have a nice supply
  • Decent for one time use

    posted by neo1erk4

    Cheap and work. They come in a bundle wrapped in a rubber band. Useful for short connections and wont leave a lot of excess wire to get in your way
    I can sometimes straighten them out enough to reuse them but it gets to be a pain so I end up grabbing a new one.
    Their cheap enough that I am happy with being able to use them once or twice.
  • Just good wires

    posted by nicu_gavrila

    - I have not counted them, but there are many wires (I assume that 1000 is correct); - 1000 x 10cm = 100m of wire; - the endings are just as long as to cross through a hole in PCB; - isolation is of good quality.
    With 100m of cable I believe I can finish most of my projects. 10cm should be enough for small electronics on relatively small PCBs (for example: robotic cars, handheld devices, controlling equipment etc). Being already tinned, you just need your soldering iron and some solder to put them into your projects
    Very useful! 5$ for 100m of cable is also a good price. I recommend it.
  • not right amount recieved

    posted by bull3333

    the wire itself is very good wire great for led mods xbox mods and i use it a lot nice color good wire ,delivery was fast
    good product but not really 250m more like 180 m
    if your happy to pay this much for 180 metres then go ahead but dont be thinking your gonna get the 250 metres as stated
  • Cheap Copper Core for making jumper or invisible cable on walls.

    posted by rors26

    Very thin cable, easy to cut off and to handle, It don't cracks on bending it. I use it on walls for some digital sensors and it's practicably invisible.Nice length for the price.
    Very nice conductive element, you can communicate 2 sides of a pcb with this.
    Nice product, nice price. Wire for jumpers or for almost invisible connections on walls, desks and other places.

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