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cable cord organizer Customers Reviews

  • Probably best price for this piece

    posted by teh1archon

    * Now the computer's cables look nice and tidy through the side window.* 3 big clamps to hold the wider cables.* 3 small clamps to hold the narrower cables.* Reusable (in case of rig upgrade).* Can fashionably fit to red-theme display cases.* Works great with modular power suppliers.
    Even if not all the clamps are used its a good price. Worst case scenario 2.10$ went to waste or will be on-hold till next upgrade or next rig.
  • Cheap cable manager

    posted by Stojanovic2011

    Great Stuff! Now I can finally organize all those cables around the house. Very simple to assemble and use. The double sided tape sticks well. The cable is well secured in place and will not get loose and fall out.
    Good item for a cheap price. If you want to make your cables dissapear this is the one for you. Very usefull item. You can use it to organize the cables on your TV cabinet. No more loose cables.
    Bottomline it does the job that it is required to do and it does it well.
  • Good replacements for bike mounts

    posted by desolder

    I bought these as replacement straps for the rubber block bike mounts, sku.12000 and sku.31871. They work just like the original black straps, and add a bit of color.They also work great with the bike pump holder, sku.102198. This holder oddly doesn't come with a strap, but it has a slot for one. Without the additional velcro strap, a bike pump could easily be shaken off if you hit rough terrain.
    It could be useful for keeping power cords or rope together too, although it doesn't have the ability to stay on the cord like other straps do.
    Bottomline, it's a useful velcro strap, and cheap too.
  • the cutest thing

    posted by DanielNL

    This is the cutest thing ever. Makes me smile every time I pick up my head set.It holds the head set wire nicely together. Wrapped around it's body and fixed between it's arm/head and legs.It's soft rubery. The colored parts are not painted on but are colored rubber.
    The images of this biscuit make it look very large and plastic, but instead it is tiny (cute) and soft.
    I want more of these! I just saw a coffee colored biscuit SKU 167222. I will order that one soon.
  • Very Good Product

    posted by ruanrr

    Very simple, very cheap, easy to use and remove. The variable colors make the velcro is very usefull. I installed in my home system in a few minutes and the appearance and organization of cables is another.
    If you have a lot of cables in your home system, it's will help you a lot.
    A very good and simple solution. My mom and sister thanks to dealextreme and I'm very satisfied.


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