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  • Very nice rubber. Very strong.

    posted by noeldiego

    It's strong rubber we're talking about here, right? Man, this is an outstanding cable organizer. It's strong and this system of wrap around and pass it inside to hold is so simple and so useful. You can even hold a few cables like in the photo i posted.
    It's really strong rubber. It holds whatever you want wherever you want. I bought it only to see how it was and am already an adept of the style. Really liked it.
    Cable organizers fan? BUY IT. Looking for something to tie some cabled you have? BUY IT.
  • Probably best price for this piece

    posted by teh1archon

    * Now the computer's cables look nice and tidy through the side window.* 3 big clamps to hold the wider cables.* 3 small clamps to hold the narrower cables.* Reusable (in case of rig upgrade).* Can fashionably fit to red-theme display cases.* Works great with modular power suppliers.
    Even if not all the clamps are used its a good price. Worst case scenario 2.10$ went to waste or will be on-hold till next upgrade or next rig.
  • simple and elegant

    posted by itsho

    cool colors, easy to distinguish between cords. easy to use and fold.looks and feels like good material. hopefully it will last long.price is fair,very useful.
    sometimes a pack of 4 is not enough :-)
    Colorful Multi-Function Velcro Cord Cable Winders Organizers - Multicolored is a great product.very handy. I recommend everyone to have at least one. you'll need it sooner or later...
  • the cutest thing

    posted by DanielNL

    This is the cutest thing ever. Makes me smile every time I pick up my head set.It holds the head set wire nicely together. Wrapped around it's body and fixed between it's arm/head and legs.It's soft rubery. The colored parts are not painted on but are colored rubber.
    The images of this biscuit make it look very large and plastic, but instead it is tiny (cute) and soft.
    I want more of these! I just saw a coffee colored biscuit SKU 167222. I will order that one soon.
  • good product with quality material

    posted by somachander

    Product quality and the material substance is remarkable. the ease of use, usefulness of the product is notable. after this i can manage/organize cable in a better way.
    I think the better shape could be 'C'. so that the product can hold the cable inside the shape and never leave of from it. It could be better if the package contains couple of different sizes instead of single size.
    Product quality is good and i recommend to purchase the product for better cable organizing.

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