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On this page, you can find a wide selection of cable clips. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

cable clips Customers Reviews

  • Useful thing

    posted by Mikamoon

    Thing useful. Especially for the motorist. It is possible to attach at once on the accumulator different loading. Besides a botovy network of the car. Material of which the device, qualitative, not the fragile is made. ??????? silt it isn't terribly to knock. But without fanaticism.
    Design monolithic, non-demountable. Device easy-to-work. Crocodiles allow to connect the device to the automobile accumulator. The device allows to connect any car charger.
    It is possible to take if the small length of a wire arranges. / Esli ustraivet dlind provoda, to smelo mozhno brat`.
  • Very useful

    posted by Dehumanizer666

    It's very useful if you don't have more than 2 hands and need to hold something and test it at the same time or if you don't have someone other at hand to help you :-)
    I've always wanted clips for my multimeter but never seen it before and on the other hand I was too lazy to make it myself, so this SKU was exactly what I needed :-)
    Definitelly buy it if you need it. Not much more to say...
  • Power bass? nah~~~ but I like the hook

    posted by andykamezou2

    I think the only Pros for this sku is the hook/clip.. well, actually that's the reason I bought this product because it's hard to find 'universal' hook for earphone.
    The hook is compatible with any earphone, flexible and I believe it won't break, seems like made of rubber. I use it with my Creative earphone.
    I think the earphone is good to use with handphone for receiving call because the sound is clear and the treble is not so high. But it will give me a point for cons which is not enough BASS as stated in their product name (power bass).
    I wish there's a SKU just for a universal ear hook.
    It's just good as a spare earphone..
  • Perfect for cleaning up wires and cables

    posted by jeffory

    - These things are great, the double sided tape on them is okay, not too sticky that you can't remove or make a mark but still strong enough to put upside down under a desk and be able to hold cables.
    They are fairly small so a big cable like a power or vga cable won't fit in
    They're quite cheap for the large amount you get, in the worse case if the tape isn't good enough peel it off and simply replace it.
  • Colorful

    posted by rabarone

    Colorful - Easy to use - Sticks to flat surfaces without leaving marks
    Good for keeping your cords in place, cheap price, don't think too much, just buy, they're cheap, practical and a bit of fun colors never hurt anyone! :)
    Thats nice , thats okHighly recommended. Great buy for the price.f you are an order maniatic / freak these are perfect for you. I will buy another pair on my next order

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