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cable canon remote

On this page, you can find a wide selection of cable canon remote. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. People who browse cable canon remote also browse canon 5d remote and canon wired remote. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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cable canon remote Customers Reviews

  • Works fine!

    posted by ShadowBrujah

    - Cheap- Good build quality- Very long cable- Half-press to focus, full-press to shoot- Have a button locker, so you can keep shutter open while the button is pressed (useful for long exposure photos)
    I bought it because I'm making some videos with my Canon T3. The videos are of me, so my camera stays on a tripod and I stay in front of the camera about 3 meters away.I was having very difficult time to focus the camera without the subject (me) on the place, so with this remote, I can stay in front of the camera and make the focus easily.
    Just buy it... Cheap and do the job.
  • recommended product

    posted by Osleavicius1

    I purchased it for use with my Canon 5D mark II. This camera remote Control Shutter Release allows you to release the shutter when you want to avoid camera vibration or to shoot from a distance. The wire remote release cable is processing by high quality drawing pattern which improved the texture.
    Works perfectly with my camera.Super useful.
    This is a reliable and well made remote
  • It works and fits.

    posted by Shpaget

    Compared to the price of the original it's a bargain!It works and fits well in the socket of my 40D.I bought it primarily for the connector, expecting to take it apart and cut the wire to use it with Arduino to trigger the camera, but after I opened it I decided to mod it to keep the full functionality.Cable is full 18 cm longer than on the original.
    It came well packaged and protected. Shipping took around a month as is the case with most other orders from DX.
    If the original is too expensive for you, this will get the job done. There are no electronics inside that could go wrong and damage the camera, so if you are careful to not damage the pins in the socket on the camera body you'll be fine.
  • Nice remote shutter, very useful with a tripod

    posted by oeboema

    Works with my Canon 400D, just put the plug in the right socket and it works. Really is plug and play.Has a two step button (focus and fire).Very useful when working with a tripod, no vibration because of pressing the shutter button.
    Much more useful than a infrared remote release I also own.
    Buy it if you have a tripod and a supported camera. Otherwise you have to use the self-timer and that way you have no real control of the moment you take the picture.
  • easy to use and quick

    posted by marvanagt

    The remote shutter release is very good if you want to shoot pictures with different shutter speeds and don't want any movement that can screw up your photo's (best if used in combination with a tripod of course).The cable is long enough for you to use it easy and comfortably.You can press the button halfway so the camera focuses when set to autofocus to ensure the best picture.When ready, press the button and the picture is taken immediately.It's easy to use and responds very quickly.Design is simple and effective, easy to hold and use in your hand.
    Very simple design, quick and easy to use. It does what it's designed to do.

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