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Finding your favorite cable apple 300cm is easy in our product catagories. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. People who browse cable apple 300cm also browse new apple cable and genuine apple cable. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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cable apple 300cm Customers Reviews

  • Works OK as long you don't need it for older apple devices like iPhone 3GS

    posted by SireMaxus

    Works perfectly fine with any iPhone 4G/S or iPad 2.It is long enough to read and charge an iPad 2 comfortably on a couch.
    Keep in mind the length of the cable because it can get tangled if you twist your devices.
    Highly recommended. A very good purchase.Keep in mind the length of the cable because it can get tangled if you twist your devices.
  • Length is great, slow charge though...

    posted by HighHeinz

    The lenght make this a very useful cable. You can move around without having to worry about the cable. Or when your power outlets are far from your bed, you can still have your phone next to you at night.
    If your power outlets are far from your bed, buy this cable! Really useful! Slow charge is not a problem if you charge overnight...
    Useful cable with some small drawbacks, well worth the money though!
  • Long and solid built

    posted by yenpox

    Long cable, nice and solid built, nylon braiding, attractive color, nice built connetcors. Very good product if you need a longer cable.
    I was looking for an longer than 1 m cable and this one fits all my needs. Very good for car use if you have to charge anything that is far enough fron the socket. As well it can suits your need if you have a wall socket far from the place you want to use your device.
    Solid and good looking thing that works just like the original cable but have better quality and longer length.
  • Works well

    posted by YonatanAmir

    Very long cable (didn't measure but it seems to be 3m long)Girls (and maybe some boys) love the color - pink is the new black.Simple enough for an iPhone user to use :)
    Got this for my girlfriend's 3GS when I saw the original was old and stripped in multiple places. I lent it to a friend with a 4S when he forgot his cable at work, and it works well for him too.It's pink, like a dodo.
    Is a-nice. I like.Pink, 3m long - what more could you want?
  • Great long cable!

    posted by raptorxp2000

    Very logn cable. And the nylon braided cable makes it feel very sturdy. I can now charge and play on my phone anywhere on my bed.
    Plus the thicker connection plug to my iPhone 4S helps reduce the chance of me breaking that connection. My last one was very thin and the cable/wire got pulled out from the connector so I had to replace it.There are no buttons/tabs to push that release or lock the iPhone to the cable.
    great price for a really long and good build quality cable. hope this one lasts more than 3 months like my old cable that had a thiner connector to the iphone.

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