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You will be surprised our best c8 1 mode with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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c8 1 mode Customers Reviews

  • Ultrafire C-8

    posted by gasbag11

    Very nice looking. Good build quality. Two O-rings on head and one on tailcap.Glass lens. Fit and finish are very good. No blemishes anywhere. 5 modes. Reverse clicky. It's an excellent "thrower," and should be good for long distance. It still has good useable "spill" light so you can also see things up close. 240 lumens is probably close to the actual output. It's pretty bright.
    I see no good reason for next mode memory in a flashlight. I would have rated it higher if it didn't have this type of memory.
    If you want a really nice looking light, that's anexcellent "thrower" and don't mind this type of memory, than for this price, it's a good deal.
  • Best bang for your buck

    posted by antect

    This flash light is amazing, it throws light like it is a $150 torch and only 3 settings.
    People find flash lights with to many settings can get annoying by always having to switch through them this only has three amd ontop of that if you lightly press it and release, without turning it off it switches the mode.
    Great torch,
    Has some weight but not to much.
    Made from billet Aluminum the light cone, housing, and the rest of it.
    Rubber clicky clackie switch
    Also comes attached with a wrist strap, very useful.
    The Peice that covers the emitter and cone is made from real glass, not plastic.
    Great buy for anybody, novce to collector.
    A must buy for anybody.
    This Beam is amazing, it can light up a whole room that is dark if you point at the room and put on the high setting.
    It throws super far, and is really powerful.
    I can make the stop sign at the end of my street reflect, its over 175 metres away.
    This is my first flashlight bought from DX and is not going to be my last, I bought this light with batterys 29031 and the charger 03499.
    These three work flawlessly and reccomend them to anybody looking for a light that is bright, strong and can throw light far away while still having good battery life, with these batterys i estimated about 2-3hours of High usage per battery.
  • The flashlight

    posted by guillermoarg

    is real light illuminates 200m ace misty night light can be seen in the sky, easy to use push of a button, is strong when metal has weight
    None that I can currently think of at the moment
    is in the glove compartment for general use, the time that came out of normal use because illuminate distant places without having to close.Another use is for Night Paintball games, I recommend it completely and there is no hiding this flashlight at night
  • RUSTU C8 bike light - great quality for a cheap price

    posted by flaice

    -Bright enough to really illuminate the road so that you can see upcoming terrain/obstacles-Sturdy, works well in rainy environment and so far no signs of use-Lens focuses the beam well, you can see far away
    -Flashlight is quite a big thing, but its not really a con since it fits even my 38 cm wide bullhorn well.
    A really great product for winter commuting. Price-quality ratio absolutely great. When you have this thing on full power, you will illuminate even the darkest of roads.
  • Good Price for nice little Flashlight

    posted by jackycola

    It emits Light. The Button works fine and the output is okay for such a small light. I can imagine giving it as a present or for Kids and stuff. Also put it in the Car or any dark place where a light may come in handy.
    For the price its a nice deal. For epic light output pay more to get some better LED.
    Buy it if you need some cheap light for whatever use you might need a small light.

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