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  • The best one for the repair.

    posted by Kustody

    It's better than a fake, if you want~need to change it, buy this and "be happy". hahahaÉ melhor do que um "pirata". Se você quer~precisa trocar, compre e seja feliz. hahaha
    Buy ONLY if you know how to use a solder machine or if you know someone who can operate it.Compre apenas se você souber usar uma máquina de solda ou se você conhecer alguém que saiba usá-la.
    That's all folks! ;DIsso é tudo, pessoal! :D
  • Perfect

    posted by skskgs

    The shoulder button supports locked on perfectly in replace of my previous ones and did the job wellCheap, very difficult to find and I personally believe it is worth the money as these parts are highly useful and necessary for a PSPFeel original, (material) good quality (do not look original though)
    Very handy; convenient, precisely what I was looking for and glad to have found it
    Definitely worth buying if you have a slightly worn out, damaged or broken shoulder button support, or if you lost your previous one, as, without which, you cannot secure your shoulder buttons in place correctly
  • psp slim replacement buttons black

    posted by SNIPER23

    these buttons are ok in a sense that they can replace broken buttons in your psp. they are ok and are very good for the price they have here at deal extreme
    they are very easy to install just take off the face plate and tara!!!!
    you should buy these buttons if you desire to fix your psp buttons or just if you like the black buttons i recommend to all people since they are good
  • Great solution , better then original !!!

    posted by ptc12

    great solution for replacing ds buttonsthis works like a push button my right button was damaged, I carefully opened the ds, I was equipped with tweezers, screwdriver and soldering station with a magnifying glass.Board adopt any necessary before weldingadopt a sponge to clean the pond in excessdo not drink coffee before welding: P, the buttons are very small and could damage the DS if you're not careful
    no other
    be careful when soldering ....
  • Good product, but not what I needed!

    posted by evileyeleen

    Buttons are sturdy and of good quality. They are the correct buttons for the iPhone 4.
    I wanted to repair the power button which seemed to have lost its spring and no longer registered when pressed, but this ended up not being the part that I needed. Turns out I needed this part instead: Power Flex Cable sku 117069
    good quality parts but keep in mind that these are just the button covers and may not be the part you need to fix your issue

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