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  • pattereita

    posted by arttu98

    --> Excellent batteries. They are working correctly and they are also very cheap. Here i local store I can buy for the same price around 5 these batteries. Great deal-->Voltage is around 1,6V-->They are not branded but I think they have the same performance and the big battery companies have just different packing and batteries are the same.-->Perfect as replacement for small LED keychain flashlights etcMany batteries and still so cheap
    Very good cells! Buy even if you don't need them reight now - it is handy to have some of them at home
    thanks dx
  • Batteries that work

    posted by klugway

    In short? well it works. I was tired of either buying something cheap that doesn't work or buying something really expensive. This is one of the best value for money product I found. I got to the point of buying two of this batteries locally for the prie of this pack and the worse was when I got home to use them they didn't even have voltage.
    I hope this product isn't discontinued nor sees it's price changed cause it's just right.
    A very pleasant buy despite being afraid of getting something worthless it revealed it self as being a top buy.
  • Very good Batteries

    posted by carlossramponi

    - It has the same voltage as advised- You can easily datach the batteries one by one because of the package (perhaps, it came very well packaged)- Nice Price compared to Brazil, the price of 5 in here mean 1 in my country
    - If you are looking for CR2025 batteries, these ones will not disappoint you, you can buy it with no fear
    - The best batteries for the price
  • Use it to ink invisible pen

    posted by henrykazuo

    awesome pack, really really good thing
    i use it on my invisible ink pen...the batt in my invisible pen is getting down so I'll need to replace it in the future
    all batt shows 1.5v, its ok
    very good batt, i wish i had buy more than 1 pack but i think 1 pack is Ok for me, i'll use it more often in the future, so i'll buy more later on...
    ready to go...just awesome...
    this package is written in chinese so I cant figure it out what is written here, but its ok.
  • litlle mini switches.

    posted by dxA417

    they are little switches which are arround 1.5mm in size (i didnt measured actual size ) and fits to 1+cm size places pretty well. has 2 lines +2 reverse output which can be used as active low or active high states. (switched side is on )quality looks decent far better compared to plastic switches which are harder to switch compared to this ones.
    there is cheaper of these on dx. but the has less pins or packet on bigger lots so costs alot more effectively if you actually need one or two .
    cheap good enough switches. can be used on all most anywhere you need to switch on of periodically .

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