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You can easily find the latest low priced button cells pack offered at our online shop. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

button cells pack Customers Reviews

  • Excellent 5-pack of batteries

    posted by thierrius

    - cheap, way cheaper than here in the Netherlands- well-packaged. No plastic coming off or other shortcomings in packaging. There's even a cut in the cardboard for easy retrieval of every battery. A perfect blister ;)- ribbed topside, I think this makes contact better (I'm no pro, though).
    Other thoughts? This product is ready for use, no need for extra thinking, just use it!
    When in the past I used to be sceptical about getting dependables like batteries from China, this 5-pack of batteries proves me wrong once more. A very good product!
  • Low price, better than buying locally!

    posted by guhemama

    I used those low priced batteries to power my girlfriends clocks collection lol. All of them were working properly. The package was very good. I'm not sure how long they'll last, but they're still working after a month.They are very cheap if compared to local prices in Brazil. I'd have bought 2 or 3 batteries here, but in DX I got 10 for the same price. Very useful and money saving.
    Buy it if you need cheap batteries!
  • No issues

    posted by jimusser

    Installed one in a Polar heart rate monitor watch - works fine and low battery indicator is gone. Appeared exactly as shown. Hard to beat the price.
    I think the world would be a better place if we didn't buy so much disposable junk. But hey, you probably wouldn't be shopping on DX.com if you felt the same way!
    The next time I need CR2032 I will buy these (if the internet is still around).
  • Cheap and Good

    posted by shuoyanz

    Good value for these batteries. In London supermarkets they sell one battery for the same price!Used it in my clock, still functioning after many many months. The rest of the batteries that have not been used are still intact (have not leaked or look funny in any way).
    None at all. Everything is good.
    Overall, great product for a great price! I will definately buy this product again when I need it, but 5 batteries will last you a really really long time!
  • Excellent battery, for 1/10th Local prices!

    posted by Parrotile

    Individually packed, very close voltage match (within 0.1V), and the packaging provides excellent protection for leaving in the bottom of the toolbox.
    Excellent choice for the occasional spare, for remotes, watches, thermometers, or whatever. The packaging prevents shorting, and is tough enough to provide enough protection to prevent damage in the depths of the toolbox.
    Got to be the price - OK EVERYTHING in Australia is desperately expensive, but these are about 1/20th the price of the "Brand Leader" product, and 1/10th of the cheapest "No Name" or "unrecognisable name" brand equivalents.
    Not TOO many per package, so less chance of wastage or loss! Just right for the "average consumer"!


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