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The button battery 1.5v your looking for is one of our top sellers. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.

button battery 1.5v Customers Reviews

  • It does it job!

    posted by SilverShadowPT

    Its small and portable, wich is good to fit on your tool box. Doesnt require batteries to run, it feeds on the battery being tested.
    Not exactly sure if its capable of reading 3v batteries (CR2032 and similiar). I tried with a couple ones and the meter shows fully charged for a second and then slowly moves to empty.
    If you need a battery checker and dont find a cheaper one anywhere, buy it.
  • Do it yourself and save money

    posted by figueiredops

    I learned how to open the back of my watch and now I change the batteries myself. I used to spend 20 dollars every time I change the batteries, but now I don't spend anything. These batteries last at least for 2 years and cost a fraction of the price of fancy batteries that you buy at a store. I've saved money by using them.
    nothing else to say. The batteries are good.
    durable and trusty product for an exceptional price. I do recommend it.
  • Inexpensive LR44

    posted by sheepish

    Having an inexpensive way to buy them is very nice.
    The individual blister packaging is good, and gives an air of quality to the product.
    The quality I've found to be very good. Almost all the cells I've tested have had full voltage.
    No dead cells or any signs of corrosion. All have worked and provided a good runtime.
    Being able to replace a whole set inexpensively means I'm not tempted to mix old and new cells.
    My biggest uses for them are laser pointers and various LED lights, including home made LED torches.
    Also known as LR44, AG13, A76, and LR1154 (from its dimensions of 11.6 mm diameter × 5.4 mm), these cells are probably the most common type of button cell.
    This sort of cell bulges a little in its height when discharged.
    This is one of my favourite items on DX and I like to keep some spares on hand.
  • Good batteries and low price

    posted by mrettich

    These are simply good batteries. Needed batteries for several watches, 2 of them use these batteries, so i replaced them myself. Thats a lot cheaper then an authorized seiko dealer, that would set me back 10 dollars each watch. The pricetag on these batteries is very good.
    No other thoughts here, im just satisfied.
    When you need batteries like these, dont look further, these are good batteries and the price is the best you can find. I can recommend these to everyone
  • Great for the price!

    posted by homerbart2123

    Arrived nicely packed, in an envelope with Styrofoam paddingSo many batteries for such a low priceBatteries don't leak unlike other cheapo batteries
    While the batteries don't last that long, it's not too much a pain to change the batteries once in a while. They don't leak too so that's okay.
    Very decent batteries, perfect for your cheap/low end watch needs. Definitely would buy again if I need such batteries. Personally, they're better than the more expensive Swiss made batteries.

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