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button battery 1.55v

You can easily find the latest low priced button battery 1.55v offered at our online shop. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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button battery 1.55v Customers Reviews

  • Does the trick

    posted by McKaamos

    Well, the big plus is that they are extremely cheap.
    They may have a little less capacity than silveroxide cells, but you get 10 for the price of half of one!
    If you dont mind having to swap watch bataries a little more often, these are great.
    You effectively get 10 times the power for the price of one.
    They really should get NiMh or Li-Ion versions with a suitable charger :P
    If your watch takes AG4, get them! It's a steal!
  • They work great

    posted by Tamado80

    Really good price.They work great.I use it for jewellery tools, and util now the lifetime is great.I already ordered two blisters more.
    It was my first experience with DX... the shippement took arround 2 month to arrive, but was great, cuz the price on the article, was the only price I paid for all the order...
    It was added to my wishlist, and I certainly recommend it for all of you, who need LR936 cells
  • Great

    posted by SMIDSY

    Cheap!I have now bought a total of 5 of these (50 cells) all of which are >=1.55Veven cheaper when bought with bulkrate!Perfect for the laser pointers sold on DX that eat these cellsCan sell them for double the price you paid for them and people will still buy them as they are still cheaper!
    yes, I did individually test 50 cells. Took only 1 week to get here! Is DX improving shipping times?!
    A perfect solution and much cheaper than AG3 cells here, which are also hard to find. BUY THEM!
  • Huge savings

    posted by universe74

    Super value for this type of battery. My son has a ton of Hex Bugs which use this battery type. They want an arm and a leg for 2 batteries, so this is a huge savings. I could not afford to power all those devices with the Hex Bug branded batteries.Packaging is good, and batteries do not contact each other and lose power.
    Check all batteries with a multimeter before you install. I haven't found a bad one yet but its just a matter of time.
    Get these if you use this type of battery a lot. Big savings over store bought ones.
  • AG4 1.55V Alkaline Cell Button Batteries

    posted by ieifood

    Very cheap batteries.The voltage is okay on most of the batteries, only one has a slightly lower voltage, but it will work also.
    Do you wish to buy cheap batteries? This is the right place to do it!
    The bottom line is the same as other thoughts, Do you wish to buy cheap batteries? This is the right place to do it! Thank you for reading this review.

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