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  • Good and cheap

    posted by kioan

    They are probably the best valued 396A button batteries! The price of the package with 10 batteries is only a fraction of the price they sell a single battery on the stores!
    I am not sure about the capacity (mAh) of this batteries, but at this price who cares! Even if they die too quick, I have a package of ten batteries at this low price!
    Good value! Buy them if you need them!
    They are the correct batteries for the classic Swatch watches.
  • they are batteries. they store energy :)

    posted by msochacki

    They work as advertised. They are just batteries, what would you expect? :PGreat price!
    Simple and effective. Really, I don't know what else could I say...
    Go and buy if you need AG3 or LR41 type batteries. By the way, the description on DX mistakenly lists them as AG13. They are NOT AG13! Also it would be useful to add LR41 as a keyword to the item name, since both naming conventions are in use interchangebly. It would be easier to find them for a casual user.
  • I have long wanted to make a tester to check the batteries.

    posted by pv2dx

    1. tester does not need a power supply2. Tester is easy to use - even a beginner will understand how to use it3. tester is small and light - it is important to carry in a backpack4. Tester is designed for a wide range of sizes of batteries checked
    Tester will take its rightful place in my arsenal of instruments "must have"
    I am very pleased with the purchase of this tester
  • Very good

    posted by speedy9

    I bought them to use in my laser pointer. It works like a charm. Batteries have correct voltage (1.55V measured) and are packaged well. They are very cheap, much cheaper than at local store.
    I'm positively surprised because i bought some other batteries at DX before (CR2032) and just threw them out. Although they kept right voltage they weren't able to provide enough current. These batteries are much better so I can recommend this product with a clear conscience.
    Good deal! Buy them if you need a replacement in small torches, keychains, watches, etc.
  • Huge savings

    posted by universe74

    Super value for this type of battery. My son has a ton of Hex Bugs which use this battery type. They want an arm and a leg for 2 batteries, so this is a huge savings. I could not afford to power all those devices with the Hex Bug branded batteries.Packaging is good, and batteries do not contact each other and lose power.
    Check all batteries with a multimeter before you install. I haven't found a bad one yet but its just a matter of time.
    Get these if you use this type of battery a lot. Big savings over store bought ones.


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