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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase button 1.5v here and you can save money at the same time. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

button 1.5v Customers Reviews

  • Great batteries for a great price!

    posted by Mindflash

    - You get 10 batteries for the price of 1 in your country- Batteries seem to be of similar quality than the expensive ones available elsewhere- If one is not good, you have another 9 to try
    There is really not much to think about, buy it from here instead of being extorted elsewhere. The battery extortion industry is pretty popular around the globe, everybody need batteries and they always want to charge a premium on them. But these days are over!
    Just get them, they will work fine, replace as needed.
  • Good batteries and low price

    posted by mrettich

    These are simply good batteries. Needed batteries for several watches, 2 of them use these batteries, so i replaced them myself. Thats a lot cheaper then an authorized seiko dealer, that would set me back 10 dollars each watch. The pricetag on these batteries is very good.
    No other thoughts here, im just satisfied.
    When you need batteries like these, dont look further, these are good batteries and the price is the best you can find. I can recommend these to everyone
  • Great for the price!

    posted by homerbart2123

    Arrived nicely packed, in an envelope with Styrofoam paddingSo many batteries for such a low priceBatteries don't leak unlike other cheapo batteries
    While the batteries don't last that long, it's not too much a pain to change the batteries once in a while. They don't leak too so that's okay.
    Very decent batteries, perfect for your cheap/low end watch needs. Definitely would buy again if I need such batteries. Personally, they're better than the more expensive Swiss made batteries.
  • Very handy batteries

    posted by jieshan

    I've been using these batteries for years with no complaints. I'd estimate, based on extensive but unscientific testing, they last only half as long as the more expensive branded alternatives but considering they cost only a tenth of the price of these branded equivalents, they still represent far better value for money. I'll be continuing to use these in preference for my cameras, alarms, pedometers, timers and other small electronic items but I'll carry a spare in my pocket when away on holiday, just incase...
    Nice and handy
    Good price quality
  • Excellent value

    posted by dtchan2

    Dirty cheap, long lasting, a package of 10 for less than 25% of normal retail pricing of just 2 of them.
    Purchased this to replace the dead batteries in an item I purchased from here (Vintage Zinc Alloy Windproof lighter sku: SKU: 80306).
    In shoppes around me they are charging $5.00 for a pair of these batteries or more. Here on DX they are under $2 US for 5 pairs. That is more than value.

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