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butane torch honest Customers Reviews

  • Excellent lighter

    posted by Natsmercury

    It works fantastic. Has a big torch. Its of a very good quality. Flame length can be modified to adjust to all needs. Easily recharged. It works great even if it is windy.
    No more matches when trying to start the oven.
    I recommend it! Its very usefull and the price is very good as well. Its excellent for using it at home, when camping outside or to give it as a gift.
  • Good friend for solders

    posted by Jarwis

    Size of item, it's easy to hold and stands it's own.Hands-free function is good, but it has risks (=don't topple it).
    You can adjust the size of flame.The bottom is removable (stand).
    When building random stuff you need warmth time to time, whit this you reach your goals. Good for shrink tubing and molding items.
  • Really nice lighter / torch for a really nice price

    posted by haphaphap

    Very decent looking lighter / torch. It is really well assembled and high quality.You can toggle the flame color, blue flame or normal. Blue flame works perfectly.
    It came with a Chinese / English manual but being a man I burned it without reading him. I purchased this product as a lighter for fireworks but haven't used it because the fasten your seatbelt light was on in the plane I was in. I haven't tested it with wind, only indoors.To make fire you have to turn on the gas and make a spark separately.
    Really nice torch for a really nice price. I would definitely recommend this one to others.
  • Quit usefull, good torch!

    posted by Gcharger

    Easy to use. Also easy to fill, very straight forward.Has different options like length of flame which you can choose from jet or just yellow flame. It has a pedestole so you can put in on "lock" and use both hands for instants with soldering.Good price.Gas to use is butane which is available practicly everywhere.
    Burn time is estimate at twenty to forty minutes depending on flame. This might be on the positive side.
    If you need a torch for soldering or heating other parts, this is the one for you. Good price and descent quality.
  • Good Quality at a Great Price

    posted by bobojo

    Very good ergonomics.
    Solid feel.
    Nearly always lights on first try.
    Good torch flame.
    Compact profile.
    Got this strictly for lighting cigars, and it does a great job of it. It holds a lot of fuel for that purpose. It's mostly plastic, but has a very solid feel to it, and feels comfortable in the hand.
    If the mechanics hold up over a reasonable period of time, this would be the best deal on a good quality lighter that I have seen.

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