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butane gun lighter Customers Reviews

  • Great. Must have for electronics and crafts

    posted by miniputin

    Its almost fully made of metal, a rarity nowadays, the gas exit gets covered when the lighter is not being pressed, the metal acts like a heatsink so it will not get so hot in the tip.The strap is surprisingly good for a thing like this, and the size is not much more than a standard lighter. It has a regulator for the flame size, that can save you gas.It can fall to the floor and it wont have any or barely any damage. the paint is glossy and is not getting any scratched even tho its kept with my keys and so.
    Really convenient for electronics (heating a cable wrap, getting a cable bare when you dont want to cut it, etc) and crafts (getting needles hot for holes in plastic, heating up metals) and anything little that would need a heat gun, just keep the flame away from the item and use the heated air.
    Would buy again, had many jet lighters and this one is the best.
  • love it

    posted by terryrox10

    Great clean flame.Cool look and feel.Fun laser and the coolest feature is a room illuminating white LED that can be used in conjuntion with the laser.Swift looking imitation wood handle grip looks real.
    Real neat if you like gadgets like I do.
    Would HIGHLY recommend.And will be ordering more in future.
  • cheap and effective

    posted by SamQu

    - Works as intended- Looks quite good- flame can be turned up easily to a decent size- reasonable size
    I have not had a look what it takes to change the laser's battery but it's not likely to be difficult.I managed to get it into Australia past customs!
    works as indented and is really good value for money
  • a great lighter!

    posted by lewisoconnor

    fits perfectly in my pocket
    2000 degrees which is great because me and my friends like to burn bits and bobs, never had a problem with the lighter build quality is excellent.
    always tempted just to pull out the lighter and mess about
    more than perfect for hobbies and craft probably
    could be a little bit bigger to allow more gas but theres no problem it doesnt drain gas can actually last quite long
    with the price would buy them and sell them on which i recommend
    just a nice little lighter every one should have a round there home
    just a great lighter, me and my friends have a lot of lighters and we all agree this one is the best!
  • Product useful and fun

    posted by EletroTecRBL

    Product useful and fun, made from durable plastic and chrome lighter that will give you lots of laughs. His appearance and his laser makes it even more real by making sure your friends squeeze the trigger.
    The product is easy to reload if the gas runs out with a spray can makes butane refilled. This product is able to give a small shock that will make your friends a fright and throw the lighter away.
    Want to give it a lighter shock your friends and make you give lol?? Buy this product!!

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