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bulb red 2w

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bulb red 2w Customers Reviews

  • Good!

    posted by LukeSwanson

    This is quite good product.
    5050led is very bright.
    I'm use this for 3rd brake signal (Subaru Legacy), I'm replace the 13Wt incandescent and 13W lamp get some more luminous flux, but not so much.
    in comparison with sku.35726 this is more suitable for brake, because of
    *more luminous flux
    *pure red light (brake not became yellowish)
    *very good price
    DX, let's make same kind of bulb with 13 5050led.
    This will be a great, especially for 3rd brake signal.
    good product for replace ~10W incandescent lamp
  • Works well, bright, average spread

    posted by realbriguy

    Fast response time to trigger voltage. Instant on/off as you would expect from LED technology. Bulb is fairly bright - I would say almost as bright as an incandescent bulb. Low power draw/consumption leads to longer alternator and battery life. Colour hue is slightly deeper red than incandescent. It is closer to a "cherry" red, rather than a "candy" red.
    Dual filament bulb for Off/Hi/Low function - works exactly as it should. Difference between Hi and Low is quite noticeable.
    Overall, it does as it is expected to. Would I buy it again? Not sure... the fact it's not as bright as incandescent causes me to re-think it, particularly at this price point.

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