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bulb e27 220v

On this page, you can find a wide selection of bulb e27 220v. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. ion bulb e27 and e27 saving bulb are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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bulb e27 220v Customers Reviews

  • Light same as incandescent

    posted by nezio

    The light is almost the same as incandescent ones, about 60wats, good to save some money on electricity bill, looks nice, can not identify how many leds are inside, which is good I think
    I like them, I'd buy some else, but I want to test mine with an amperemeter first just to be sure.
    Absolutely recomendable, good warm color, light enough, same as 60W.
  • Cheap and simply Lightbulb

    posted by Radast

    It is cheap and fairly glowing bulb, which is approximately the same size as normal. 24 SMD LED is giving relatively strong white light that enough shine good in small and medium rooms. The design is simple.
    After approx. half year of repair this bulb is still work.
  • Perfecto precio-calidad

    posted by gregarpix

    La bombilla ilumina mucho más que una bombilla normal incandescente de 50w. La luz es muy blanca y con mucha luminosidad. Recomendable 100%, el precio por la calidad subministrada es correcto, y encima con un bajo consumo.
    Esta bombilla dura más que cualquier incandescente, a parte de consumir mucho menos. Ahorraras en consumo y en bombillas. La luz no es calida como las bombillas incandescentes, sinó blanca, mucho más nitida y clara.
    Recomendable 100%. Precio-calidad-potencia lo mejor. Ahorro asegurado
  • Nice white bulb

    posted by noelz

    - Price is reasonable- Build quality is Excellent- Has a Diffuser/Cap, so light coming from the bulb is more scattered rather than a spot light you usually get from other LED bulbs. - The light doesn't have a blue tint like SKU 34424 has, but is almost pure white- Having a cap, it is also nicer to look at than a traditional LED bulb.- For the consumption of 2W, this bulb is really bright
    Perfect to light up pathway lights, where long life and consumption are essential.
    Low consumption and white light - perfect!
  • Useful fill-in

    posted by mblogst

    High GN, easy installation in combination with here bought E27 adapter on cable.No advanced knowledge to use it, just plug and turn on.
    Have not used included cable, use it as reote triggered flash from Nikon SB700. At the moment I am using it without umbrela, just white surface as reflector (white wall or something like that).Do read instructions, max 30 flashes in a row, that you should wait 3 minutes, for product to cool down.
    Great for advanced low price photography. Additional stand and umbrella is also recommended.

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