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bulb ac 5w Customers Reviews

  • Very bright, good quality.

    posted by Sparkster84

    All LEDs are independant lights. Seriously, this is a very bright bulb. Easy to use, just plug and that's it. It even hurts staring at the light directly. The quality of the materials is good, and it feels solid.
    It's no as cheap as we are used to, but these products aren't cheap yet, and even with that, it's quite cheaper than any other similar product that I found at local stores.
    Good quality, it works well and it is very bright, as it is supposed to. The light is quite directive, as in any LED bulb, but no so directive as they use to.
  • good quality LED bulb cool-white spot

    posted by mandal219

    + instant and full light output, absolutely no delay when switching on+ beam angle is about 60° (spot), good light distribution, only lights where it should+ large aluminum cooling construction avoids overheating of LED chip (gets warm but you can still touch it after hours of operation without burning)+ high light output (450 lumen it says but i didn't measure it)+ high efficiency (90 lumen per Watt)
    if there was a version with warm-white light i would like to get one
    high efficiency cool-white LED spot, not the cheapest, but good quality, hence worth the price.
  • Bright-white spotlight

    posted by chasepoes

    Reasonable build qualityWell focussed beamHigh output, equal to 35~50Watt bulb
    The heatsink is screwed onto the plastic base of the lamp. When removing the lamp from its socket, be carefull not to unscrew the heatsink from its base, leaving the base in the socket. But this ia a minor issue really. I use mine as small spotlights in my portable photostudio, and the work a treat.
    Buy one without hesitation if you need a high power, focussed beam, bright-white spotlight
  • A 21st Century Lightbulb

    posted by DendoRacing

    Easily automates the lights in your house. Sensitivity is good with a decent angle and range. Includes a light sensor so the lights do not come on during the day. Stylish design that looks better than a normal light bulb.
    Finally the light bulb has entered the 21st century. We have a multi-story house with many stairs and corridors. By installing these light bulbs I am able to safely walk from top to bottom without touching a light switch.
    A modern and stylish light bulb that will automate your house.
  • Fantastic Warm White Light

    posted by NWSanta

    Good Build, easy swap, low power
    This well built Warm White bulb is a fantastic replacement to any of your old school bulbs in your home. If you don't want a CFL Bulb than this bulb is for you. At half the price of local retailers this bulb has all the jam you will ever need. Not outdoor rated but, great for all other uses.Indoors, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, living room, these are a great replacement to all of those kinds of locations!!!
    Great bulb, fantastic savings. Will be purchasing more soon!

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