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bulb 4w e14 led

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bulb 4w e14 led Customers Reviews

  • Good quality but very low light

    posted by spolfs

    Good quality, nice form and it looks very nice
    I suppose 4 Watts it is very small amount for such construction lamp bulb especially with mate bulb, in my opinion it useful only for night light or back light and it´s better to use it upside down.
    I bought 3 pieces of this lamp bulb for my living room and because of the lamp was directed to ceiling i have only reflected light from the ceiling, so i decided to use it in my night sconce
  • Love it

    posted by tofalvip

    LED is the ligting of the future, albeit the cost of investment is significantly higher compared to incandescent bulbs.In my calculation, the investment in LED bulbs turns into profitable after using them for more than 6 years.This bulb is well built, easy to handle, doesn't heat up as an incandescent or even a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).The color temperature is OK for me, isn't nor too cold and nor too warm.I am use it in my bath where I used to leave the light switched on, thus consuming power even if I wasn't there. Since this bulb has a lower consumption, the waste isn't so much.
    Love it, and use it everyday.
    Buy it as a Christmas present for your loved ones. This way you give them not only a nice present (which is better than any sweeties), but by their future savings, you also give them money.
  • Iluminattion

    posted by martynas77

    Good ilumination for a cheep price.delivery in time.delivery in time, and in good conditions.
    More than 50 per cent of what i bought is working actually. I´m disappointed.
    not recomended.Sorry but its true.I posted a video, where you can see the bad funtion.i buyed a small number for practice and for test the product.
  • Nice cool white light

    posted by vforro

    4W low power consumption.Instantly turns on.Strenght of light equal to at least as a 25W traditional lightbulb.
    Ordered 3 of these and use it on a lamp with 5 led bulbs for testing the colors. 2 of them are 3500K light color, but these 3 cool white are far better in my opinion for any purpose. The 2 3500K will be replaced for 7500K in the future, no doubt about that. For bigger rooms order rather more W leds. For a 3 x 9m room though 5 of these is for me enough.
    Very good white light. If you need more not necessarily very powerful light sources, this choice is good.
  • Exellent item

    posted by zyozik2

    Good bulbs with nice design and low electric consumption.
    Good product, good supplier

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