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bty rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • Good batteries

    posted by codreanulaura15

    The capacity of the batteries is almost 1000 mAh. The price is very good. They can be charged quite quickly on everyday charger.They are good at touch. They do not heat.
    They are not the best batteries ever, but they are the best batteries for this price.
    As a conclusion: the choice that I did is good. The batteries are ok for this price. I recommend it.
  • BTY 1.2V 3000mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries

    posted by kristaps1603

    They work very well.- Good loading and durability.- Good price and quality.- They last longer than alkaline.- I'm using them in xbox 360 controller and with fully charged batteries, controller works for 5-6 hours, for me its good, because i play max 2-3 hours without cease.
    The external plastic wraped label advises 3OOOmA and, at least, on my tests, it is works about 25OOmA
    These batteries are excellent for controllers
  • Great batteries

    posted by GroteBrilSmurf

    Good build quality, cover feels like it won't break off easily like it did with cheaper versions.
    Never buying non rechargeable ever again, these are great. I think they were delivered with about half charge, my battery charger indicated that it was charging them further for about 2 hours.
    I might buy more, if needed. It is surprising how many small devices gobble up batteries
  • best rechargable batteries I found here

    posted by bbubanja

    Real 900 mAh low discharge batteries. I already have AA version of this batteries, and they are perfect. That was the reason why I bought AAA bateries. First test shows that they will be as good as old batteries I have.
    They are three times cheaper than enelope low discharge batteries, but with equal quality. Price is comparable with standard rechargable batteries, but these are much more powerful and usable.
    If you need AAA low discharge batteries, they are the best you can get for the money.
  • Good D-Type Battery

    posted by BrunoLHCereser

    Outstanding price, good build quality, charges fast. The batteries work well. I haven't tested the capacity. Excellent batteries, DX best batteries, very good package, very good quality batteries have very good performance for all types of devices.
    Nice and easy product, recommended!
    A great buy, with a good price, here in Brazil would only make common batteries for that price. Good choice to complete any order, the batteries are always useful and are rechargeable good quality.

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