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  • Expert (understands the inner workings)

    posted by plservice

    Cheap batteries Charges fast Good for small devices like mouse, tv controls, etc. The batteries last over 3 weeks working until energy finishes Fits perfectly in devices Comes with a useful plastic case to store your batteries Best batteries in this category. Free shipping!!!
    You get what you pay for
    free shipping, low coast
  • Good rechargeable batteries – BTY 800mAh Ni-MH AAA Rechargeable Batteries

    posted by kristaps1603

    Batteries are doing exactly that they are supposed to do: take a charge and give out voltage and current. So capacity is close to stated on label and in description. Price is just excellent. Look as a good batteries.
    Cheap product that works just fine. You can use them in many applications instead of AAA-sized regular batteries: for toys, table clocks, etc. And you would not need to buy new ones after discharging - just recharge and use again and again.
    Buy it and you would not regret it if you need AAA-size rechargeable batteries.
  • Fantastic

    posted by jeverz

    Long lasting battery. No leaks even after many months. I haven't had to replace any of the batteries I've used.
    I liked these batteries so much I ordered a second lot for new items I've acquired. If you are ordering a lot of electronic gadgets or powering lights you will find these very useful.
    I could not find a single fault with even one of the twenty shiny sparkly batteries that DX sent to me. They seem like a decent enough battery so that's why I've ordered my second lot for a few more devices I've acquired. Thanks for reading!
  • Excellent batteries

    posted by niccolass

    Excellent AAA batteries (2 pcs), which you can use in any device that support this type of batteries. These batteries are very good quality. I don't know is it really 900 mAh, but the batteries lasts very long. They don't loose power after some time. They keep their capacity.
    Batteries looks very nice, but it is not so important when they are inside the device.
    I recommend these batteries. It is very cheap and good quality.
  • Nice items

    posted by enrcur

    They are working in the expected way. With the Soshine U1 4-Channel Quick Charger they take , more or less, 1.5h to charge completely. With my previous charger it used to take almost 7h to charge, then for me it is perfect. Finally they came on time in order to use the batteries for the Christmas toys of my baby. It is a very good item if you have a baby, in order to save money in normal batteries for the toys.
    Nothing at all.
    Nothing at all.

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