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bt motorcycle Customers Reviews

  • good BT headset

    posted by shakshuka

    - manual is very user-friendly.- very easy to install. comes with two types of clips.- sound: perfect. i needed to decrease the volue since high volume is very high..- charching is very easy. just plug a usb cable in it, and a red indicator light is lid. the light turn off when the unit id fully charged.
    very good price and functionalability..i recommend
  • Excellent product, will buy another

    posted by esemann

    Excellent product! The audio is very good, the sound is audible, and people can understand what I speak into the microphone perfectly too, when I make calls! It was very easy to install on helmet and pair with the phone. The manual is only English, but very well explained! I'll buy one to use with my wife!
    Excellent product, seems to be very well built! I'm not sure what happens, but it seems to be a constant problem in communication devices, but the device undergoes a very large interference when it passes the 140 km / h or so. Anyway, I'll buy another one to use when my wife ride with me.
    Remember that the helmet must be suitable for installation of communicators ... Cheap helmets, that costs around $ 20, usually do not have the space for it, and so the headphones can get really uncomfortable...
  • Great item at low cost!

    posted by CharlitoCZ

    Cheap, great working, easy to use. Drived with it on summerholliday, more than 2.500km in 7 days at any conditions.
    After a few minutes it was installed and connected. Really a great item.
    What to say, just buy it. As I said, now Iam using it nearly a year and its still perfect, I ordered one for my friend too and shes happy with it, like me. The only problem was after 300kms in heavy rain, the sound quallity was down, a few minutes later no connection, but after a few hours in a dry place it worket again like before. Iam connecting it with my cellphone too, perfect.
  • Great bike accessory.

    posted by aie68

    Long lasting battery life; easy to mount; fits every possible helmet.Reliable communication between two bikers.Good radio receiver.It easily connects through bluetooth both my android mobile and my Garmin navigator.
    Velcro behind earphones cannot be fully trusted and audio quality is very much connected with the positioning of earphones in your helmet.
    Recommended purchase especially if you do not want to spend twice the money to get a branded toy.
  • Neat Product a Bit Small

    posted by vbrtrmn

    Pairs with HTC One X no problem, after it is paired it shows up with two options "phone audio" and "media audio". Decent quality construction. Includes multiple mounting options. The speakers include velcro mounts which fit very well in my XL motorcycle helmet.
    I wound up cutting off the microphone and I'll only be using the device to listen to music. I don't really need to be talking on the phone while riding.
    Comparable name brand units even for audio only are more expensive, the unit works for what I need after slight modifications, so I'm happy with it.

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