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brushless motor controller Customers Reviews

  • Good value ESC

    posted by billum

    Good value for money. Good sized heatsink hidden under the label (remove for best cooling effect!) Works well at the moment but further extensive flight testing will reveal if there are any problems. So far so good. Will report back if problems develope. Operates from 2 cells upwards. Many competitors in this price range require minimum of 4 cells to operate.
    Come on Dealextreme, find us some more good modelling gear. I like the policy of quoting postage paid prices so no nasty surprises like some other sites I know. Delivery times are good too.
    Good value, would buy other ESCs from this family of products.
  • Very good

    posted by JonatanRafael

    - The PRICE is very good
    - Good build quality
    - User programmable
    - Throttle range has self-adjusted
    - Have soft start and Low-Voltage Cutoff
    - Worked perfectly with my model
    - Auto shut down when signal is lost
    - Brake can be programmable
    I used it on my 1.2 meter model pulling a 18A (rms) current. The ESC get warmed, but not so hot. Motor FC 28-22 Brushless Outrunner 1200kv with an 8x6 propeller. (pulled 860g - Very good)
    I recommend for everyone.
  • Good purchase

    posted by gbleitebr

    Really cheap and well built.Works as expected with brushless motors for quadcopter
    i'm using 4 of this model on my quadcopter and i miss extra programming functions. You can update the firmware with RapidESC firmware from SimonK (at least it is listed on their project as compatible) which gives much better performance. I didnt try this but i'm really considering this option
    Works as expected by this price, but Pention 30A would be much better than Cloud 30A
  • Decent Electronic Speed Controllers

    posted by Darkblade48

    These are OK electronic speed controllers (ESC) that I use for a multicopter. It is nice that these ESCs come as a package of 4, as that is the perfect number that was required for my multicopter. The wires are nice and long, so extensions are probably not required unless you have an unusual project.
    The microcontroller is an ATMEL chip and not a Silab chip, so this may be important for some people (i.e. those that wish to reflash their own custom firmware onto the ESC).
    A reasonable set of ESCs to get, especially if you are need of 4 at once.
  • Nice

    posted by Oznog

    Two 35v 470uF electrolytic input caps
    5v reg TA7805F, max Vin 35v
    Atmel ATMEGA 8L
    LT1262, a 5v-to-12v charge pump, presumably to make 12v for gate drive
    Three IR2101S gate drivers. Uses floating high sides, the high side can go up to 600v.
    12x output transistors, 2x per half-bridge:
    In mine, 11x are FDD6688 (30v Vds, 84A, 5mOhmn @
    10V Vgs) and oddly enough ONE FDD8896 (30v Vds, 94A, 5.7milliohm Rds-on @ 10v)
    Cheap controllers often don't use gate driver chips. So this is pretty decent.
    The 5V reg is not well heatsinked. If operated with a high input voltage, if you draw a lot of current out of the BEC you can easily overheat the 5v reg. True in most of these.
    Absolute max voltage is 30V here, limiting factor is the transistor Vds-max.
    It sounds like it CAN go up to 6lipo (4.2v*6=25.2v). Just barely, but it can. Should be able to work on a 24V sealed-lead-acid battery too, but that could be 28.8V while charging, very risky. If the ESC isn't turned on until it's taken off the charger and left to rest a minute, it'll be FINE.
    Oddly enough, when both sides of the H-bridge are off, the transistor voltage breakdown rating is up to 60v, in which case the 35v rating of the caps and voltage reg are the limiting factors.
    I've never actually turned it on. This is an Aspie Tech Review.

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