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This is our best brush cleaner, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

brush cleaner Customers Reviews

  • Very Usefull

    posted by Mustang1980

    This bush its great for removing the dust BEFORE aplying compressed air, its helps to clean the pc a lot.
    Es ideal para limpiar filtros de gabinetes y para pasarle por adentro para aflojar un poco el polvo antes del aire comprimido. Tambien se mete bien entre los fins de los disipadores, esta bueno para tenerlo colgado por ahi
    Order 2 or more.
    Its usefull and cheap.
    Es buenisimo! peguen uno que va como piña, parece que no pero se vuelve re ultil para limpiar las aspas de los fans y demases
  • Complete kit cleaning

    posted by chencho

    - Complete pack for cleaning your cam, lenses and all your photographic apparels- The air pump is perfect for remove little particles or dust from your sensor's cam- The brush is correct, could be more soft but is ok for the price- Last things are little sticks with a kind of leather which is perfect for remove the smog in the lenses
    Summarizing, is the perfect pack to carry on your equipment bag
  • Four in one!

    posted by gareis29

    An object that has four utilities keyboard seems to always be at work or college. Very convenient to carry in your purse, it helps in times when you need to squeeze a stapler or a cleaner keyboard it's great.
    At the moment I can not think of more things, both negative and positive, to write here.
    I recommend to anyone who wants practicality and economy, buy this keyboard four in one to leave in the bag or leave at work.
  • the brushand scrapper are Bonus

    posted by VE3LPH

    Great cleaning the brush allows you to clean sprockets and the scraper to help clear debris and build up. Cheaper then any products similarly sold by MEC
    You do have to dry the chain but thats only sensible unless your using a s De-greaser that does not have to be washed off if you use water the do a through drying.
    I would buy this product again with out any doubts.
  • Nice

    posted by Maiowin

    The brush is really smooth so it's great for fragile skin.
    The built materials are excellent, I have nothing to say about that. Besides it's really cheap.
    it's great to use for a deep cleansing product.
    I bought this product because I have a problem with the pores in my face. they are always black. and this brush really helped making them look better
    Buy it. For that price it more then fantastic to buy. you can also use it a a blush brush or for a gift

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