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  • Better watch for grandfathers

    posted by caracashans

    If you have trouble to see the small arm-watch, then this pocket-watch is just for you. Remember your fathers watch, but this one is even better. I really love how easy to read the time without the change of googles. Other pro I appreciate is it frees my arm. With the bronce-chain, it is now part of my pant-pocket and the chain securely fixes yo my pant.
    This is the very best watch I own al grandfather (80 years). As a good Swiss native, I own Omega, Tissot and other quality watches, but this one beats all. The quality seems so good and the precision y much bettre than expected, in one week it only differs 5 seconds against Internet standards.
    You can buy this watch and you will be very satisfied.
  • Great pocket watch!

    posted by poedeliewoepsie

    The housing is quite firm , it has a good onlay with very nice details.There's a protective film on the display of the clock.The lock-button is also firm, good quality.
    The clock ticks quite hard, but that's just nice to hear.It was a little bit bigger as I imagined, but it doesn't bother me.
    This is a great pocket watch for this price! It has a timeless design.
  • Arrived with Cracked Glass as it was not packaged well

    posted by bluetwinkle

    beautiful retro watch, you get what you see on the photo. feels sturdy and has 'weight' to it. it also feels more expensive than what the price is.the time was running.
    please work on better packaging, it's unfortunate when we are looking forward to the item to receive it damaged.
  • An Actually Useful Gimmick

    posted by Zeleni

    The watch itself is resonably solidly built, not too light and not too heavy, with a very springy lid-opening spring. Solid winding knob. Keeps the time well for a watch of this class (mine went 40 seconds ahead in 30 days).
    The dial window is plastic, though this shouldn't be much of a problem. The battery is user-replacable, but you need a thin, strong knife (or a professional tool) to open the back. The quality control is a possible issue, since I have another, practically the same watch that's a lot more flimsy in every respect (except for the chain) and doesn't keep the time nearly as well.
    A nice touch of old-fashioned style that does its job, too, and for a good price.

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