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breadboard wires cable

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase breadboard wires cable here and you can save money at the same time. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. View more by looking at wire cable release, cable wire terminal. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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breadboard wires cable Customers Reviews

  • If you're in doubt, get these

    posted by pfriedel

    Doesn't smell like some awful petrochemical disaster like some other jumpers. A nice variety of lengths. Ends are reasonably well dipped - not so large that they won't fit next to each other on a board, but not so small that you dont' have anything to grab on to.
    If you need to connect points, these are a lot easier to use than stripping your own wires, and your fingers will thank you for it. They also socket in a lot tighter, so your project won't go on the fritz when a wire falls out.
    These are the ones to get.
  • OK cable for DIY and other work

    posted by MACKIEYU

    Cable quality not as convincing as in the 21cm version (the 2 pack).Cables came in perfect state, easily pluggable, fit anywhere in a DIY project. Pretty much resistant...The cable already splitted almost completely into 2 strips, which is not a big problem for me as I've planned to use this in smaller strips or individual wires...good for people who work with electronics...you can use it for testing equipment and also with DIY projects...
    None at the moment....
    Buy it very usefull..
  • Breadboard Jumper WIres

    posted by DiegoOK

    flexible, lightweight, durable, looks good endings.Buenos y el precio es demasiado conveniente 100 por ciento recomendado en otras partes es mucha la diferencia de precios.Producto ideal para trabajar con protoboard y arduino :D!
    el olor a combuistible es un poco desagradable pero con el tiempo se pasa
    quality if not for the smell would be perfect, the price is rightel olor a combuistible es un poco desagradable pero con el tiempo se pasa
  • Not bad for a poor-quality connections

    posted by DrElec

    A good production qualitySufficient length to connect to other devices;A small price for such a number of wires;A large number of colors for easy identification when large amounts.
    Can be used, but there may be bad contacts when used with a breadboard. It is also possible the appearance of parasitic distortion in high frequency circuits, false positives and other problems associated with poor contact.
    More likely to buy them will not, but they are worth the money.
  • Easy to use

    posted by FernandoSarabia

    Easy to use, and fast when using the cables on protoboards. They also save time due to the fact that you no longer need to peel cables.
    Great for students and enthusiasts, however not recommended for some professionals. If you plan the layout of your circuit prior to making the actual connections, your circuit will look pretty awesome, however if you make the connections without proper planning, the circuit might look messy due to the length of the cables. Pretty much the main cons of this product are related to the final view of the circuit, other than that the cables are perfect.
    Makes protoboard connections quick and easy.

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