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breadboard wire Customers Reviews

  • excellent

    posted by edsoncfgarcia

    Nice and easy to remove and install on a breadboard. Good length with different sizes. Multiple colours. Lots of wires. Inexpensive. This product is very useful, just what I needed for my breadboard projects, except for jumper colors. Love the different colors. Have tested theam all and all work. A must have for arduino rojects. They are wery cheap and nice to work with. They are flexible, multicolored, with sturdy metal pins in both ends and covered by short plastic handles making them extremely easy to handle.
    If you want a good pack of wires, these are to buy. They are a good start to create a kit or test stuff on a board.
    The cables are thing and easy to move unlike some other bigger cables. Good for breadboards. I will be using them for my projects.
  • Great gadget!

    posted by Larshsm

    Genious device. I have barely scratched the surface of what you can do with this thing, but belive me its ALOT. Alot of guides and how-to's out there on the internet.
    Its great to buy this Arduino with the prototype sheild. You can play around alot with this. I do recomend you get some things like potentiometers, leds, sensors and switches to get going. I'm will be useing this for my school project in building the controls for a electric bike. Rps sensors and speed control and so on.
    This is a "must have" gadget. You can make anything with is. Radiocontrolled toys, automatic stuff, dimmers over wifi, building automation, anything.
  • Great help in small projetc

    posted by cyriusbe

    - Easy to use- many small and long cable- light, small
    I have used this to simplify measurement of current in a circuit with several branches, much more simple to use the board and cable than go in non precise contact (well, need to cut some wire, but was so easy to make measurement, corrections then sold them back)
    Useful small things, even if deturned from primary use. (disturbing rules of 500 chars minimum need to add silly comment to reach it)
  • usefull and good but a bit expensive

    posted by michaeldejonge

    they are really good jumper wires. They come in pretty much al usefull sizes and in a clear plastic box which is nice. the quality of the product and even the box is really good! the ends are stripped clean and the coating is good!
    usefull when you are into arduino or other electronics and want to make your breadboard look nice (or just to make it easier for yourself)
    A very good product with a nice storage box but also with the price of a quality product
  • Incredible useful

    posted by jojojorge5

    Those are very useful wires, now I'm able to build my projects fasterThe wires fit perfectly well on a standard breadboard and on a standard female pin header You get some different colors and sizes.The wire is actually soldered to the pin And the pin is protected by a rubber thing which gives a better feeling when you handle this plus some more durability to the wire itself.
    You don’t get an exactly assortment of colors but I don’t really mind that
    Those wires are a must have in any electronic lab and are extremely useful for hobbyist and students, I wish I had this wires before; it could have save me a lot of time.

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