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breadboard point Customers Reviews

  • very handy breadboards for the Arduino

    posted by poiujk

    you can place this breadboard in between the two rows of Arduino connectors. of course it will slide around, but it's handy enough for hooking up simple circuits to the Arduino without taking up too much space.
    actually, i received item SKU 118834 instead, but i am not complaining.http://www.dx.com/p/170-points-mini-breadboard-white-118834the breadboards are end-stackable, so you can combine a few of these to form a larger breadboard. it's stackable in both directions.the breadboards have 2 holes in the centre - useful for mounting. for pictures, see the other item.
    very handy breadboards for hooking up simple circuits, and it can fit in/on the Arduino.
  • Great breadboard

    posted by qwwwizx

    Can be used for most electronic circuit projects, running less than 5w of load, and where high frequencies are not needed. * Great board with loads of space. * Good quality* Good price.* Power rails in the sides.* Easy to use.* Looks great.* Can be attached to a surface.* Can be used again, and again :-)
    Can be used for most low-power electronic circuit builds. At my local dealer this kind of board costs around 5-7 times more than what it cost at DX.com.
    Perfect board for medium sized projects with many components.
  • Little TINY Breadboards

    posted by zaidpirwani

    Tight Fit holes for Jumper wires and through hole components,there is double sided TAPE at the bottom to attach these to some surface.Small enough size for single IC or controller projects.The Colors are BRIGHT and the plastic quality looks JUST GOOD ENOUGH
    These are 6 little tiny BREADBOARDS, for <8$
    17x5x2 holes Breadboard, 6 different colors all LOOK good, Plastic is good enough and hence GOOD VALUE for money
  • Best DX / worldwide breadboard to price

    posted by JCwy

    + Exactly like standard breadboards, but twice the size of most+ Supports 4 power supplies (1 for each quadrant), very easy to 'isolate' parts of your circuit+ Big+ Double-sided tape, easy to mount on anything
    With one rubber band, you can easily attach an Arduino Uno on top of the board and still have space for components
    Don't go for the small ones, pick this one instead
  • Good breadboard for its price. A bit hard to plug.

    posted by algspd

    This kind of products are more expensive in local electronic stores than in DX. The breadboard is overall good quality, it has very very good thermal resistance and its well ended.
    It's modular, if you get several of them you can make a bigger one.
    If you have to prototype something small, it's ok. I recommend using it combined with sku 118826 to plug the wires comfortably (otherwise it's a nightmare to plug them the first time)

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