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breadboard jumper cables

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breadboard jumper cables Customers Reviews

  • Good quality

    posted by fnurkla

    Wires a pretty cheap. The quality is o.k. Flexibility of wires is also good. I use them on my breadboard. And for short cutting conventional circuits. Also it is easy to solder
    If you play with electronics, you must have this wires. Good thing to play with breadboard circuits.
    I recomend this product, it's one of the best quality I've seem on dealExtreme! And they are very cheap to, much easier than cutting your own wires.
  • Decent for one time use

    posted by neo1erk4

    Cheap and work. They come in a bundle wrapped in a rubber band. Useful for short connections and wont leave a lot of excess wire to get in your way
    I can sometimes straighten them out enough to reuse them but it gets to be a pain so I end up grabbing a new one.
    Their cheap enough that I am happy with being able to use them once or twice.
  • Must have for any arduino owner

    posted by popliviustefan

    The wires come in various lengths and have their tip enlarged it isolated terminal. Way better than the wires you can make with a cutter. They will resist a lot of insertions/removals from the breadboard. Also the electrical contact is very good, better than home-made wires (at least my home-made ones)
    There are a lot of colors and you can make the experiments more "readable" with this cables.
    If you use a breadboard, chances are you need those too!
  • Well, jumper wires. What more to say. Best deal.

    posted by hvarga

    Like I said in the summary, their are just breadboard jumper wires. Nothing more.Fits perfectlly on a breadboard. Different sizes, different colors. I didn't tried to count them. But it looks like good amount of wires.Wires are flexible and from what I can tell, none of the wire endings are bend.
    Just in case, I bought two sets of wires. I am planning to use them for my Arduino project.
    I think this is the best deal if you want some spare wires.
  • They do the job

    posted by Lisa1

    Good electrical isolation.Many wires in the bag, probably about 1000.You can make good connections with these.Perfect for prototyping.Good length for many applications.Very flexible.
    These are useful when just trying stuff out, making small connections. Just messing around, and prototyping some stuff. But when it comes down to important practical application, you could probably do better. They would probably melt under any substantial load.
    If you want to make some small connections, then just get these wires.

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