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On this page, you can find a wide selection of brake lamp red. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

brake lamp red Customers Reviews

  • Shiny thing

    posted by adlertag

    Very well focused ligh. The "bulb" is 2 mode one, emitts bright/pale light regarding to its input connector. This allows the "bulb" to replace the tail light/brake light bulbs. Robust building.
    CREE leds always surprise me. So much brightness in a so tiny P-N junction. :)
    Absolutely recommended! It is a real great solution for sparing the battery.
  • Good light

    posted by harry2harry

    Easy to fit.gives good warning to the other vehicle by flickering.It has 3 wires for connecting, 1 for brake light, 2 for park light and the 3 for ground. When brake light is on the led will flash and gives warning to the other vehicle driver.
    Its a good product to have and it easily warns the following vehicle by flickering. The light will get noticed easily.
    This is a very good product to have as an added safety to your car.
  • Brighter than original 21/5W

    posted by mato22

    Brighter than original 21/5W bulb, replaced the normal bulbs without problem. Use it on my motobike. Lower power consumption.
    Had to file of a bit, did not fit in the reflector on the motobike. But was ok when i tried it in the car.Had to file of a bit, did not fit in the reflector on the motobike. But was ok when i tried it in the car.
    Good product, brighter than normal bulb. Build quality could be better - the connection between the socket and the LED bulb
  • A good solution to replace old light bulbs.

    posted by LKSQUE

    A good solution to replace old light bulbs, enough light, it is the best option to buy these bulbs, although I think it could be even brighter as they are now shines in practice as well as 20w normal bulb.
    This is a great solution if you want to use these bulbs in clear plastic taillights. If the lamp cover made from red plastic, I think is better to use white light bulbs and as far as possible from the more LED modules, because the bulbs with more LED modules have better light separation. (Do not shine like one or more dots) . Moreover the white light intensity is much brighter, 9 watts red light is look like far less than 9 watts white light.
    In any case, it is worth to buy and change light bulbs to LED bulbs, because they use less energy especially for those who commute short distances and want to protect the car's battery.
  • Great looking!

    posted by ubiratamuniz

    I have in my motorcycle a brand-named clear lenses LED backlight. However, the circuit board for the LED taillight had some problems, and I went back to the stock rear lamps (red lenses and tungsten lights). When I saw these on DX, I decided to give them a try. I reinstalled the clear brake lens on my Suzuki Bandit and installed these lamps. They look awesome, and they DO light better than the old brand-named LED taillight assembly. I bought two kits, the Bandit uses two lamps, the other kit I installed one of the lamps on my other bike (a Yamaha XTZ 125) and I will buy a clear lens for her also. And one lamp was kept as a backup.
    I intend to buy more for the two cars we have.
    Good lightining, great looks, and street legal. I recommend these.

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