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  • Used it for plane

    posted by Akrosupak

    Very small size of this speed controller. I used it in my glider, but I had to change some setting on the remote since throttle begins in the middle of throttle. I have to be care full when braking, because if I hit brake twice it starts reverse... not very good for planes :-))
    Nice little compact controller for any RC and also with brake.
    If you need to substitute your ontroller for older brushed motor, than you can try it for plane as I did. Go for it...
  • Nice little gadget

    posted by jelle2503

    Easy to wire, just cut the + lead to the brakelights, and put this device in between, it can only be wired in 1 way, be careful.
    Wired it to the pedal-switch in the car, which appeared the most convenient place for me to wire this device.
    Great little gadget. Easy to wire. Makes your brakelight stand out from any other one, by it's flashing hypnotizing lights.

    But too expensive for what it's worth.

    Here's a video:
  • smart brake

    posted by ioioioioi

    Extremely useful product that the company offers! Required every car should have these lights to warn drivers behind you suddenly stop the car to have a response time on the rear driver!
    More effective for cars with LED lights as blinking getting to quickly attract more attention!
    Recommend diode lights can be used instead of standard bulbs!

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