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On this page, you can find a wide selection of brain teasers. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

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  • Nice brain teaser

    posted by Michalinda

    Reasonable quality
    Makes you think hard
    You will be exercising your fingers
    Once you know how to assembly / disassembly this puzzle, you may challenge your friends / family.
    You will find that the assembly will be much more easy if you do it on a non skidding surface. Otherwise if you tilt it while you are half through, it will slip, and the whole thing will come apart again.
    I like it, will buy some other wood puzzle, like SKU 31715
  • Excelent 2x2x2 cube!

    posted by Menosferato

    This cube is very smooth. It comes assembled, well adjusted.It's not as easy to resolve as some people say out there.Great IQ puzzle for killing time.Almost as big as a 3x3x3 cube. Very good size.
    Great cube, nothing much else to say about it.
    A great 2x2x2 cube.It's not perfect, but a very good one.At least, it's much better than the other 2x2x2 white cube I have.Not sure a 2x2x2 cube can get any better than this. Definitely worth buying.
  • Good for collecting purposes

    posted by door3142

    -Looks different to a normal 2x2x2.
    -Turns smoothly after you apply lubricant.
    -Plastic is very thick and durable.
    -Paint doesn't look like it will wear off anytime soon.
    I got the female version of the penguin as shown in the picture. I have heard that other people have gotten the male version. You cant really decide which one you get, so don't be disappointed if you get the one which you didn't want to get.
    If you are into collecting puzzles, you should get this. If you are only interested in solving, this puzzle is probably not for you. If you buy this, prepare to spend a while solving it due to the bad mechanism. :-)
  • good and fun

    posted by Eeprom01

    -guaranteed fun especially if you're with friends
    -Its hard material good friends harder to ruin it
    -and it looks like it will last a long time until someone can spoil them
    -perfect to entertain friends at a lunch meeting or dinner even on long trips by car or bus
    -It seems incredible that children have an easier time solving them as adults.
    I enjoyed the purchase I recommend for anyone who wants to think a little to solve them.
  • Dayan GuHong

    posted by cubingwolf

    This cube is the best on the market next to the Zhanchi (also by dayan) AND Its at the best price on the market. It Turns Amazingly smooth even without lube. The Corner Cutting is the best ever especially the reverse cutting. This cube increased my time by alot. It turned so smooth it motivated me to learn the fridrich method.
    The peices are shaped really differently then all other cubes, which it what gives it the crispy feel yet corner cutting ability. Another nice feater is that every peice is nicely polished. I think it would best be lubricated with lubix and CRC. Oh and if you want to track it for real go here: http://track-chinapost.com and input your tracking number into the USPS Box (for U.S. Customers)
    Dayan GuHong = Awesome


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