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  • Great puzzle. Mine came broken...

    posted by Quejeshio

    - No matter how old are you, you will love this puzzle. The first time people play with this, they think panels are bound by magnetism!
    - Really funny to solve. You can do it on your own and you will never get tired of it.
    - Hard to break if you don't use it too fast or apply too much force to the puzzle.
    Mine came broken... but DX sent me another one in a replacement. As I said above, strings (yes, the panels are bound by strings) can be easily broken if you are not cautious.
    You will love it if you buy, but in certain hands...
    yes, it can be broken easily.
  • Fun and hard.

    posted by samuelfac

    Without the manual is very difficult to open the box.great for playing with friends, mostly drunk!
    From to earn money from their friends, bet with them that they put money in, and ask them to open the box, if they fail the money is yours!
    Very fun and challenging to play with all your friends.Do not show the manual to your friends.* It comes with a note of 25 million dollars in (you pay $ 6 and get 25 million) (fake of course)
  • Tricky one, requires more ability than brains.

    posted by ADAC

    A very funny one, this one makes you wish you have 3 hands, or maybe 6 fingers in each one ... this is the kind of puzzle that becomes challenge when you don't pay much attention when you disassemble it, otherwise, assemble it again it's only a matter of dexterity,
    Made of wood, they are very charming to expose in your shelf or table, the visitors aways wan't to try it.
    Nothing significant.
  • Hipnotic

    posted by luvasu

    Bigger at hand than expected. Easy to hold and move around
    Being just sticked plastic molds with a metal ball inside, it could be cheaper. The inner box containig the money could be opaque, then the amount of money will be a surprise... as always
    My 10 y.o. cousin got it, found it amazing and the coin bank became instantly his property. Now nobody can touch his "savings". He is using a small magnet to "fight" with the metal ball to open the box.
  • Best spped-cube so far

    posted by rochester

    Much better than those low-quality $2 cubes.Good sticker quality, good plastic quality, well lubed.Really good for speed cubing, and even good if you are just getting started.
    This is my third cube and I have lowered my time in more than 50% after using it!Arrived really fast, considering that I live is a small town in Brazil.I recommend you using something to track your time while solving and you'll see that you'll certainly improve in a few days.
    Awesome, will buy again soon.

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