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brain iq Customers Reviews

  • bigger than the original 8-panel one

    posted by meridor

    bigger than the original 8-panel onemore complex than the original 8-panel one
    Nice and addictive.
    Watch for possible addictions.If you break it, it can take weeks/months to order a new one, make sure your addiction doesn't turn ugly in the mean time :-).
  • Great Cube

    posted by Bryden

    Great cube, came fully assembled, turns nice smooth and easy. If you know how to solve a cube you'll be able to solve this, instead of colours each side is a different distance from the center, when I first mixed it up I thought to myself its never going to be a cube again, but then I got the first cross up and sussed it.
    A stickerless one would be good, like if the mirror finish was directly applied to the plastic, that would be tops
    If your a cube fan buy it, nothing to loose
  • Nice

    posted by marinacc

    It's fun to mount, it took me and my boyfriend 1 hour, it is not that challeging but it's not easy either, it's a fun toy.
    The apple has a light inside that blinks every time you shake it, doesn't really make a difference, it was kinda unecessary... but whatever.
    It gives you some time of fun, but that's it, once it's done, it's not like you use it to decorate your room, 'cause it isn't that cool, I don't know what to do with mine. It could be a little cheaper.
  • Pretty good

    posted by kuantum

    It's pretty fast and I guess come as lubricated. You can turn both diagonally and vertically very easily.
    I also have got original Rubik's Cube but there is no big difference between them. Stickers are looking solid and I don't think will drop off soon.
    I would buy it again without any hesitate. It's bigger that it's price and fun when you are free of time. I solved it dozens of time since I got it :)
  • High Quality 7x7x7 V-Cube

    posted by OB772

    Probably the best price you will find on a high quality 7x7x7 V-Cube mainly due to no shipping.
    A fun challenge for Experienced rubik's cubers and also if you are like me you can brag/gloat to a lot to your friends and it can make a great gift but it all depends on the person!
    If you are a Rubik's cuber that enjoys a challenge every once in a while. You could even make some tutorials on youtube.com/ and make some money because of it! ;)


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