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  • Try it

    posted by Slabev

    When I opened the product I was surprised of the quality of it. It come in the great time because for some time I have had constant pain in the shoulders and back. When I pot on me after few minutes the paint starts to passing by. After an hour my pain was gone. So if you have Problem like mine I strongly recommended for you. Now I use this product occasionally just to relax my shoulders after hard day of work in the office.
    worth to try
    Pain killer
  • Perhaps not an elbow brace

    posted by darkzhades

    The support is well made and a nice relaxing blue with white edges. There's two in the pack so it's value for your money. I've got a knee (Yep, Knee - see below) that sometimes needs some support so this is good
    For me it's useless as an elbow support, I've bought others at DX and they were good, this one just seems to be the wrong shape, very loose at the elbow itself and on the upper arm. It's good as a knee brace though.
    They're pretty cheap, so if you need a medium thickness knee support buy them and I doubt that you will be disappointed.
  • Shoulder tight

    posted by guimarengo

    Make you feel good with a good posture beyond stabilize the shoulder. If you have problems with posture, it helps too.Excelent quality and very resistence product.
    Maybe if there was some picture of a real guy using the shoulder, it could help me to choose the bigger one.
    Except the tight part, the product is perfect and met all my needs. Make me feel better in my posture, something i would not thought about.
  • A very good CAMEWIN 0642 Elastic Ankle Belt Wrap Brace Support - Black

    posted by GabrielCapote

    CAMEWIN 0642 Elastic Ankle Belt Wrap Brace Support - Black
    easy to put.
    A very good CAMEWIN 0642 Elastic Ankle Belt Wrap Brace Support - Black.When you review a product, it will be very helpful for someone else in making an informed decision about the product while shopping for it. If you own the item, DX reward points will be added to your account when your review is listed as a way to thank you for sharing. Review points are effective immediately and usable for redemptions.
  • Good wrist support, could be used in sports or weight training

    posted by amedtech

    This brace is amazing for the price, even a bandage where I live costs about 5 dollars. It's easy to use, washable and gives good range of motion. There's English instructions on the back as well which is a bonus. It doesn't cut off circulation so even when you wear it for a prolonged period of time, there's no numb or tingling sensation.
    I used to use bandages witch would smell after a while so I'd throw it out. This brace is very reusable.
    Great product for athletes, or people with musculoskeletal or repetitive strain injury

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