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  • Magic box for torn and restored card trick

    posted by simonpiercy

    This box holds a full deck of poker sized cards.Can be used for multiple card transformations such as torn and restored card.Stands up quite well to audience inspection after use, as the gimmick is held in place with a strong magnet which stops them from seeing how it works even if they have a vague idea.
    I didn't know what this was when I ordered it but bought it anyway, I'm really glad I did. Build quality is really good and the fact it can be inspected afterwards is really great. If you keep your deck in the box then it looks completely natural to have and less like some kind of gimmicked contraption.
    If you are into card magic I would recommend this trick. I will be carrying my deck in it with a card in the secret compartment for torn and restored card and would highly recommend anyone else doing card tricks and close up magic to do the same.
  • Coin box

    posted by MagicDomagoj

    The trick is awsome and it is called Coin Nest, by its effect on people,and it is not easy to do.It came in best box i've ever seen in my entire magic career.Trick is that a spectator takes the coin and sign on it,then magician makes it vanish and it appears in a secured black box witch inside has another smaller secured black box and insade a small orange pouch secured with a rubber band.
    I recomand buying it for a fair price,for a great magic trick.
  • Fun Trick

    posted by initialwii

    this is a really cool trick. the trick looks stunning when in use. love how the box says "bicycle" on it, making it look real. quite easy to learn. great for parties, and easy to make your friends say "wow!"
    this isn't the best trick but good enough for the price.
    this is a cheap magic trick kit, if you like making boxes smaller, this is a trick for you.

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